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The Rocky Mount Killer is an American serial killer in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Since 2005 he has killed at least six women, possibly nine – three women are missing. No one knows who he is. “Rocky Mount Killer” is my name – the press has yet to give him one.

It took six bodies and four years before the police formed a task force in June 2009 and started to get somewhat serious. In July the FBI joined in. In August it made news across the country when AP and CNN carried the story.

The police are saying little.  They are starting to look into it and have leads and suspects, but have yet to search the woods where many of the bodies were found and where there might be three others.

The murdered women were all black prostitutes hooked on drugs or drink who came from the edge of town. Most were found near the same stretch of road, their naked bodies thrown away in the woods, often lying there for months because the police did not care to look for them:


Found dead: May 29th 2005: Melody Wiggins, 29


Found dead: August 17th 2007: Jackie Thorpe, 35


Found dead: March 13th 2008: Ernestine Battle, 50


Found dead: February 2009: unidentified


Found dead: March 7th 2009: Taraha Nicholson, 28


Found dead: June 29th 2009: Jarneice Hargrove, 31

The three missing women:


Christine Boone


Joyce Durham


Yolanda Lancaster

When a white woman was missing the other week, the police held a press conference. None of these women got a press conference.

Rocky Mount, the birthplace of Thelonius Monk, won an award for being an all-American city. It is in tobacco country, an hour by car north-east of Raleigh. Blacks live on the east side, on the “wrong side” of the railroad tracks that divide the city.

On the east side the serial killer is all people can talk about. Meanwhile on the west side hardly anyone even knew about it till June when Hargrove’s body was found. Even the news reporters did not know. But the police certainly did: they are the ones who picked up all six bodies.

The police did not get serious till the news started covering the murders. But the news did not cover it till the women’s faces began to appear on billboards.

The billboards were the work of M.O.M.S. – Missing or Mudered Sisters, founded by Stephanie Jones, 28, who knew two of the dead. She raised money through fish fries and motorcycle rides. The billboard company gave her a good discount and one donor gave $20,000 – half for the billboard and half as a reward to find the killer.

Experts say the Rocky Mount Killer is most likely black – because 80% of serial killers go after their own race. He seems to have been in the military or the police force because he leaves little evidence behind.  He has a car where the passenger-side door cannot be opened from the inside. He gets his kicks from controlling women through sex.

He will continue to kill till he is stopped.

Thanks to Siditty for featuring this story on her blog and thereby letting me know about it.

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dotsonVirginia Dotson is an 84-year-old black American woman who was violently thrown to the ground by the police outside a Walmart near Columbus, Ohio on August 1st 2009. She was thrown down so hard she was bleeding from her head.

Dotson did have a steak knife, but she also had a cane and did not seem to be an immediate threat: people passed right by her.  Onlookers were more upset by how the police acted than by Dotson herself – so much so that four more police cars had to be called in to keep things under control.

One of the onlookers recorded it on his mobile phone and posted it on YouTube (video to follow).

Dotson’s daughter had left her in the car while she ran into Walmart to buy some things. She was taking a chance because Dotson has Alzheimer’s: her memory is failing so she does not always understand what is going on. Her daughter thought she would be safe, though, because she did not know how to take off her seat belt.

Dotson saw a steak knife in the car and cut herself free, cutting herself in the process. Dotson left the car to look for her daughter. She was bleeding with knife in hand! Some children approached her and it seems she threatened them.

By the time the police arrived people seemed calm, though Dotson still had a knife in her hand.

Officer Tammy Scott, a white woman, came towards her and asked her to drop the knife. Dotson would not. So Scott took her by the arm and violently threw her to the ground and then got the knife out of her hand. But she threw Dotson down so hard that onlookers were shocked and began to gather. They were afraid the police were going to hurt her even more.

It seemed like they cracked her head since she was bleeding from there. But she was not knocked out, though she did need stitches later. Her wrist may have been broken too.

This took place a few weeks after the police went overboard against another older black person with a cane: Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

But unlike the Gates thing, this case got very little press. According to Google News a week after the event there were only four news stories on it. While it did make a top newspaper in Britain (Daily Mail) and a top blog in America (Gawker), it was not picked up by AP, CNN, the New York Times or any large news outfit in America.

Why is that? Is this acceptable behaviour by the police? Are black people so threatening to white people that they see nothing wrong in this? Or is it because Dotson is black and so the whole affair does not matter to the white people who make the big decisions about what gets reported nationwide as news? You know, the same people who like to report on missing white women.

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