Game of Empires


The 11 Immutable Laws of the Game of Empires according to commenter Somali Prince (the bolding is mine):

  1. There will always be a dominant Empire.
  2. Civilians are not part of the Game. If their Empire wins, they may live a life of tranquility. If their Empire loses, they may face rape, slaughter and pillaging. As such, you must never blame a civilian for its Empire’s actions. They are but pawns.
  3. If an Empire’s civilians do not believe a war justified, the Empire will ‘find’ the necessary evidence to convince the civilians that it is.
  4. War is an Empire’s natural state. Peace can only be guaranteed within the confines of the Empire. If you do not wish to play the Game and do not wish to be a victim of the Empire’s machinations, migrate to the Empire’s interior – by any means necessary.
  5. Only soldiers (who signed up to fight) and politicians (who put their name forward to acquire a position of leadership) are players in the Game. If a civilian is obligated, by law, to fight and he does not wish to be a part of the Game, then he must migrate – by any means necessary.
  6. Accept the machinations of the Game. Empires will do what Empires do: Empire-building. Do not bemoan it. Bitterness is unbecoming. A victorious Empire dwells little on its past sins. A defeated Empire must also, therefore, dwell little on its past defeats.
  7. The Game of Empires is governed by the Theory of Chaos and Perpetual-F*ck-Ups. This ensures that an Empire’s dominance is always temporary. Humans make mistakes and have frailties. Accept your own weaknesses. Strong Empires become arrogant and pride always comes before the fall. This theory excludes the possibility of Conspiracy Theories, the Illuminati or a Zionist Agenda. No single group has the ability or the intelligence to effectively control all of the world’s events. F*ck-ups are perpetual.
  8. Racism belongs to inferior minds. Intelligence and ability are equally distributed amongst all groups. Racism equates to underestimating your enemy.
  9. Never underestimate your enemy. Always be respectful and courteous to your rival. Accept that you may one day be in his position and that he may one day be in yours. If your enemy is stronger, respect his strength and learn from him as much as you can. If you are to defeat him, you must learn the secrets of his ways.
  10. The Empire will one day be Black. Bide your time. Do not do anything rash. If you do not expect the Empire to be Black within your lifetime, then work on strengthening your community. Acquire capital and pass on knowledge to your children. Ensure that your children acquire the knowledge of the dominant Empire.
  11. All Empires commit atrocities. If you want the Empire to be Black, be very careful what you wish for. The conscience of the victim is always cleaner than that of the victor.

Blacks who talk of racism are “victim-blacks”. He, like Whites, is beyond good and evil: he is “super-black”.

Source: Game of Empires blog.

– Abagond, 2015.

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In the Occupation of Alcatraz (1969-1971), Native Americans took over the island of Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay, its infamous prison having been closed down some years before.

The Alcatraz Proclamation to the Great White Father and his People, 1969:

“We, the native Americans, reclaim the land known as Alcatraz Island in the name of all American Indians by right of discovery. …

“We will purchase said Alcatraz Island for twenty-four dollars in glass beads and red cloth, a precedent set by the white man’s purchase of a similar island 300 years ago. …

“We will give to the inhabitants of this island a portion of the land of their own to be held in trust . . . by the Bureau of Caucasian Affairs . . . in perpetuity — for as long as the sun shall rise and the rivers go down in the sea. We will further guide the inhabitants in the proper way of living. We will offer them our religion, our education, our way of life — ways in order to help them achieve our level of civilization and thus raise them and all their white brothers up from their savage and unhappy state. …

“Further, it would be fitting and symbolic that ships from all over the world, entering the Golden Gate, would first see Indian land, and thus be reminded of the true history of this nation. This tiny island would be a symbol of the great lands once ruled by free and noble Indians. …”


On the island they wanted to set up:

  1. A Center for Native American Studies
  2. An American Indian Spiritual Center
  3. An Indian Center of Ecology
  4. A Great Indian Training School
  5. An American Indian museum




At first the press loved it. Tons of people gave donations. Native Americans from all over the continent came. Maybe as many as 15,000 were there at some point. Some came to show their support. Some came to stay, bringing even their children.


It was the beginning of the Red Power movement. This was in the wake of the civil rights movement and at the height of the protests against the Vietnam War.

President Nixon wanted to avoid an ugly showdown: the Indians were unarmed. He waited them out.

In time the press grew bored, the donations became fewer, and so did the Natives who remained on the island.

By June 1971, only 15 remained. The US government negotiated in bad faith and unexpectedly sent in US marshalls to remove them from the island.

That left a bitter taste, but the occupation had some lasting effects:

  1. Many Natives took interest and pride in their cultures again.
  2. It stopped the US government’s Termination policy of ending the remaining Indian reservations, the bits of land Indians still have.
  3. It led to the founding of D-Q University, a Native American university near Davis, California.
  4. Unthanksgiving Day (pictured below), still celebrated every year on Alcatraz by hundreds of Natives on the same day as Thanksgiving.


Happy Unthanksgiving!

– Abagond, 2015.

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Laquan McDonald

laquan-mcdonald.jpgLaquan McDonald (1997?-2014) was a 17-year-old Black American teenager killed by Chicago police on the night of October 20th 2014. His killer, Jason Van Dyke, was White. McDonald was armed with a knife – but was shot in the back.

On that night, McDonald was walking down the middle of the street with a knife. He does not seem to know what is going on. Four police cars show up. McDonald is walking away from the police when one of the officers shoots him. McDonald spins and falls to the ground. For the next 13 seconds the officer keeps shooting. McDonald’s body moves only when struck by bullets. They kick away his knife – and then leave him there like a piece of trash.

He was still alive when the ambulance arrived, but died on the way to the hospital.

The next morning the medical examiner counts 16 bullets, two in the back. They all come from Van Dyke’s gun, which holds – 16 bullets. He was reloading his gun to keep shooting when the other officers stopped him.


Later that afternoon, the city newspapers dutifully repeat the lies of Pat Camden, the head of the police union. He said that McDonald came at the police with a knife, that they shot him in the chest in self-defence:

“When police tell you to drop a weapon, all you have to do is drop it.”

Of the nearby security cameras, only Burger King’s had a clear view of the scene. The police wiped out that video.

And that was it.

rahm-emmanuel.jpgBut then in April 2015, the family’s lawyer was able to get dashcam video from one of the police cars. This was right during an election. Rahm Emmanuel (pictured), President Obama’s former chief-of-staff, was running for re-election as mayor.

  • It was just then that the state’s attorney said she and the FBI would investigate the killing.
  • It was just then that the city agreed to settle out of court with the family for $5 million – even though the family had not taken them to court.

Word of the video got out through a city employee. Free-lance reporters took the city to court under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to hand over the video and the autopsy.

The city fought tooth and nail to keep the video secret. Last week, on November 19th 2015, at long last, a judge ruled that they had to make the video public. The judge gave them six days.

jason-van-dyke.jpgOn November 24th, one day before the deadline, fearing riots once the video went public, the state’s attorney charged Jason Van Dyke (pictured) with first-degree murder. No grand jury necessary. Van Dyke is the first Chicago police officer charged with murder for an on-duty killing in nearly 35 years.

The mayor then spoke of trust, acted as if Van Dyke was just a bad apple, and made public the video he had hid – for 400 days.

The murder trial is still to come.

– Abagond, 2015.

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Programming note #28


Native American Heritage Month 2015 on this blog will be extended into December. How far it extends will depend in part on how the Laquan McDonald video goes down and whether the US avoids a Paris-style attack.

Mercutio Southall


Mercutio Southall (c. 1985- ), a Black Lives Matter protester, was beat up at a Donald Trump rally in Birmingham, Alabama on November 21st 2015.


Afterwards, Trump, who is running for US president, said:

“Maybe he should have been roughed up because it was absolutely disgusting what he was doing.”

The disgusting thing he was doing was shouting “Black Lives Matter!” at a Trump rally of several thousand people (nearly all White, in a city that is 73% Black).

When Southall began shouting, Trump said:

“Get him the hell out of here! Throw him out.”

The crowd cheered. Six or so White men began beating him up.


“I got punched in the face, I got punched in the neck. I got kicked in the chest. Kicked in the stomach. Somebody stepped on my hand.”

They told him, “Go home, nigger.” They called him and fellow protesters “monkeys”. They said, “All lives matter!”

Security took him away, but no one else.

CNN caught some of it on video before security forced them back into their “media pen”.

Trump then said of Bernie Sanders (whose rally in Seattle in August was interrupted by Black Lives Matter protesters Marissa Johnson and Mara Willaford):

“You see, he was politically correct. Two young women came up to the podium. They took over his microphone. I promise you, that’s not going to happen with me.”

This was hardly the first time Trump supporters have been violent. In August two of them beat up a homeless Latino man with a metal pipe and reportedly urinated on him. When Trump heard about it, he said:

“I will say that people who are following me are very passionate. They love this country and they want this country to be great again.”

He got heat for that and later said he “would never condone violence” and that “we must treat each other with respect.”

Southall’s family comes from Selma, where some of them marched with Martin Luther King, Jr in 1965. His mother named him for the character in Shakespeare’s “Romeo & Juliet”. He used to play semi-pro football with the Birmingham Diamondbacks.

When he was at police academy, he hurt his knee and failed the running test by 15 seconds. So he started his own security company, MercSouth Security.


Since 2013, he has been roughed up, tased and arrested many times for his protesting.

Some say he is just being a troublemaker. Southall says:

“If I was doing something for myself, I would have stopped when they took my business, I would have stopped when they took my weapons, I would have stopped when they took my motorcycle, I would have stopped when they tased me, I would have stopped when they were pointing guns at my face, I would have stopped when I didn’t have a place to sleep at night.”

Of Black Lives Matter:

“If we weren’t making a difference, if we weren’t raising the awareness, if we weren’t making people uncomfortable, then why have we been persecuted?”

– Abagond, 2015.

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Tracy Bone: Woman of Red


This song came out in 2012. It is about the Indian boarding schools in Canada. Much the same thing went on in the US and Australia. Bone’s grandmother went to one. Bone is a country music singer from Winnipeg and the Keeseekoowenin Ojibwa First Nation.

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The term “redskin”

Redskin (1699) is a “dated or offensive” term for Native Americans. It seems to be more common in the US than in Britain: British dictionaries and usage guides do not always list it.

The idea that Natives had “red” skin goes back to the 1580s in English. But the word “redskin” did not appear till 1699.

There are different accounts of where the word came from:

  • C. A. Weslager, a White American historian of the Delaware Indians, says it comes from Natives painting their skin red.
  • Geoffrey Nunberg, a White American linguist, says it came into English 200 years ago (early 1800s) from a Native term.
  • Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, a Native American historian, says it comes from what a scalped body looks like: covered in blood. According to Webster-Merriam dictionary, the word goes back to 1699, which was just when scalping of Natives by White Americans was becoming common.

In Google Books, the word first appears in 1784 and did not become a trending term till the late 1800s, from 1857 to 1896. That was when Whites were wiping out Natives in what is now the western US.

However innocently the word may have started, all the White stereotypes about Natives as savages, whether brutal or noble, were poured into the word. When the word was brought up, the stereotypes were there too, whether in book or film.

Despite all that, Whites regarded the term as “purely descriptive”. They used to think the same about the N-word.

In 1961, “Webster’s Third International” dictionary warned its readers not to use “nigger”, “kike” and “chink”, but not “white trash”, “gook”, “wetback”, “fag” – or “redskin”.

In 1967, in the wake of the civil rights movement, White dictionaries began to mark it as offensive, beginning with Random House.

By the 1990s, it was regarded as offensive by Webster-Merriam, American Heritage and Oxford/Fowler’s.

Even so, it is still used by some 300 high school sports teams in the US. And, most infamously, by the Washington Redskins, the American football team of Washington, DC. They have had the name since 1933.


Bruce Allen, the team’s president, says the name:

“has always been respectful of and shown reverence toward the proud legacy and traditions of Native Americans.”


Professor Devon Mihesuah (Choctaw) sees it differently:

“Sports teams fans of the Cleveland Indians and the Washington Redskins insult Indians with their drunkenness, dyed turkey feathers and sloppy face paint, screeching war hoops and spasmodic dance steps that belong to no tribe.”

Protests against the team’s name began in 1968.

In 1995, the team was taken to court: under the Lanham Act, the government does not protect trademarked names that disparage a group. In 2014, the courts ruled against the team, but the team appealed the decision, so it is not yet settled.


Dan Snyder, the team’s owner, instead of changing the name, said he would start the Washington Redskins Original Americans Foundation – repeating the mistake! Stephen Colbert made fun of that – at the expense of Asian Americans!!!

– Abagond, 2015.

Sources: Etymology Online (2015); Google Ngram Viewer (2015);  Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, “An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States” (2014); The Atlantic (2014); Devon A. Mihesuah, “American Indians: Stereotypes & Realities” (1996); C.A. Weslager, “The Delaware Indians: A History” (1972).

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