Why did White women vote for Roy Moore?

About 63% of White women voted for Republican Roy Moore in the Alabama election for US Senate in 2017 – despite the fact that he had been banned from a mall in his early 30s for hitting on teenage girls, despite the fact that eight of those women came out against him, one accusing him of sexually molesting her at age 14, another of attempted rape at 16.

Meanwhile only 2% of Black women voted for Moore. They voted heavily for Democrat Doug Jones.

White Evangelical Protestants: Most Jones voters were Black, most Moore voters were White Evangelical Protestants.

Sex: The sex scandal changed 7.5% minds at most. Which is low. The average sex scandal moves the needle by 13 points. That might be partly due to Trump:

  • In 2011 only 30% of White Evangelical Protestants thought that “an elected official can behave ethically even if they have committed transgressions in their personal life.”
  • By 2016 that number had gone up to 72%. In 2016, 81% of White Evangelical Protestants voted for Trump nationwide despite his sex scandal. Almost the same number, 80%, supported Moore in Alabama.

But in practice it was not quite as bad as all that. Nearly everyone who believed the allegations against Moore voted for Jones – or sat at home. Few chose Moore as the lesser of two evils (6%).

Only 36% of evangelicals nationwide believed the allegations against Moore. They generally give Republicans a greater benefit of the doubt. For example, most believe the sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein, Matt Lauer and Bill Clinton, say, but not those against Donald Trump, Bill O’Reilly – or Roy Moore.

In the case of Moore, it means they believe one man over eight women. Men might be expected to take Moore’s side, but women?

  • NBC News blames internalized misogyny: women are brainwashed by men’s sexism to value men and their words over that of women.
  • US News & World Report calls it the patriarchal bargain: women will side with men over other women for selfish ends.

The reason White women are more affected by this than Black women is because their men are generally more powerful. In effect, White women are the House Negroes of the sisterhood. Thus Trump. Thus Moore. Thus Black women “saving” Alabama.

Religion: Moore wrapped himself in religion, yet none of the top White Evangelical pastors in Alabama would support him. But neither would they openly condemn him. Their silence was strange. Like Fox News, they are riding a beast they cannot control. The beast is made up of salt-of-the-earth White people who like Trump and Moore – in part because Trump and Moore are not afraid to speak their minds, unlike their own pastors and cable news blowhards.

Race: Moore is even more openly racist than Trump. In 2017 he said the last time America was great was not, say, during the 1950s of his childhood, but the 1850s of slavery. No surprise that only 2% of Black women voted for him while 63% of White women did.

– Abagond, 2017.

Sources: especially NBC News (image, internalized misogyny), US News & World Report, Washington Post (exit polls), Christianity Today (72%, Matt Lauer, etc), FiveThirtyEight (moving the needle 13 points), New Yorker (silent pastors).

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a history of the NBC logo

NBC (1926- ), the National Broadcasting Company, is one of the main television networks in the US. Before that it was one of its main radio networks. Here is how its logo has changed over the past 91 years:

1926-1931: Red Network logo. NBC was the first nationwide radio network in the US. Thus the outline of the US (Alaska and Hawaii were not yet states) and the radio waves. This was the logo of its Red Network. NBC would get such a lock on the country’s radio waves that in 1943 the government forced it to sell its Blue Network, which became ABC.

Click to listen.

1929-present: NBC chimes: the musical notes G, E, C, still heard to this day. An audio logo, not a visual one. Which makes sense for a radio network, something heard but not seen. When I was on my 1949 media diet, one of the things that took me by surprise was hearing the NBC chimes. I did not know they went back that far. But in 1949 they were already 20 years old. It was a sound cue for engineers who operated the network.


1942-1946: Now a radio microphone, turning sound waves into radio waves.

1946-1952: No more radio waves: NBC was becoming mainly a television network. It put its television transmitter on top of the Empire State Building in 1932, broadcasting to the World’s Fair in 1939. In 1941 it became Channel 4 in New York, the first commercial television station to go on the air in the US. In 1947 “Meet the Press” made the jump to television.


1954-1959: a xylophone to represent the chimes.

Click to see animation.

1956-1975: The Laramie Peacock: NBC was owned by RCA, which was trying to sell colour televisions. Thus the bird of many colours. Often animated so that the feathers unfold. Notice that the 11 feathers look like paintbrushes. Designed in-house by John Graham.

Click to see animation.

1959-1975: The Snake: Also designed by John Graham! Animated as if drawn by snakes to the sound of the chimes. The look was more in line with serious company logos of the time than the Peacock.

1976-1979: Trapezoid N: Even NBC’s own television show, “Saturday Night Live”, made fun of this one. NBC paid $750,000 to have this designed by Lippincott & Margulies – and then it turned out it looked too much like a logo used by a public television station in Nebraska! So NBC had to spend another $855,000 to settle that lawsuit. But it gets worse:

1979-1986: The Proud N: a mess – and did not even scale down well.

1986-present: designed by Swiss artist Steff Geissbuhler of Chermayeff & Geismar Associates. Simple, pretty, scales well, even works all in black. The feathers have been reduced to six, for the divisions of NBC: News (yellow), Sports (orange), Entertainment (red), Stations (purple), Network (blue), and Productions (green). The peacock now looks to the right – to the future (since Roman letters run left to right). The “NBC”, in a customized Futura font, is optional.

2011-2013: feathers made to look more three-dimensional.

2013-present: made to look like a computer or smartphone icon, complete with shading to suggest the overhead fluorescent lighting of an office.

– Abagond, 2017.

Source: mainly Adobe Create magazine and Logopedia.

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Philip Brailsford

Philip “Mitch” Brailsford (1990- ), a White American killer cop, gunned down Daniel Shaver, an unarmed White man, father of two, who was crying, pleading for his life:

“Please do not shoot me.”

Video of the shooting was not made public till after a jury cleared Brailsford of second-degree murder on December 8th 2017.

The night in question: On January 18th 2016, police in Mesa, Arizona received an emergency call from La Quinta Inn:

“A couple of the guests – I’m an employee – they’ve come to me and they’ve told me that somebody is pointing a rifle outside of one of the windows in our building.”

Police got to the hallway outside Room 502 and ordered everyone out of the room. A man and a woman came out. The man was Shaver.

Police ordered them to get on the ground. They did.

Simon Says: Instead of simply putting handcuffs on them, Sergeant Charles Langley had them play a sick and horrifying sort of game of Simon Says. They were to crawl down the hallway towards six police officers who had their guns drawn. If they got any of the instructions shouted at them wrong, the police would shoot: “you may not survive it.”

Sergeant Langley: “You listen. You obey.”

The woman won the gruesome game, Shaver lost:

SHAVER: [on his knees] Please do not shoot me. [interrupted]


SHAVER: I’m trying to just do what you say.


SHAVER: Yes, sir. [sobbing]


SHAVER: Yes, sir. [sobbing, crawling, then reaches to pull up his basketball shorts]

LANGLEY: Don’t —


Brailsford thought Shaver was reaching for a gun. He never saw a gun. There was no gun. Brailsford was the only one of the six officers to shoot.

The second time Shaver’s wife saw the video she went into convulsions.

Protect and serve.

Shaver with his wife and two children.

In Room 502 the police found – an airgun (BB gun). Shaver was on the road from Texas, making money shooting birds that get inside Walmarts and other businesses. Thus the airgun. He invited a man and woman he had met to his room for drinks. They got drunk.

Charged with murder: Brailsford was shocked that he was charged with murder. He thought he had done nothing wrong. The police union agreed. And, after a six-week murder trial, so did the jury. Brailsford had said to them the magic words: I feared for my life.

The Mesa police department, where his father had served for 19 years, fired him. They knew something the jury was not allowed to know: Brailsford had etched onto his AR-15 the words:


– Abagond, 2017.

Sources: mainly Google Images, The Atlantic, Vox, Heavy, and Lybio (transcript).

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Jhené Aiko: Eternal Sunshine


This was on her album “Souled Out” (2014). It never charted. Her brother died of cancer in 2012 and she nearly died a year later in a car accident. The video is dedicated to her brother:

“To #4 from #5, You are my eternal sunshine.”

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Is it strange for me to say that
If I were to die today
There’s not a thing I would change
I’ve lived well
Maybe I have made mistakes and been through my fair share of pain
But all in all, it’s been okay, I’ve lived well

And the more that I see, the more that I know
I don’t know anything, at all
Like the more that I breathe, and start to go slow
Oh, one of many things, I can only recall

All of the good things, good things
All of the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good, the good, the good

All of the good things, good things
All of the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good

Living on Sycamore street, and spend your weekends on the beach
We were free, to be everything we dreamed
Flying kites and water fights
Summer nights, we’d ride our bikes
On over hill, and dare our heights
Man I swear

The more that I see, the more that I know
I don’t know anything, at all
And the more that I breathe, and start to go slow
Oh, one of many things, I can only recall

All of the good things, good things
All of the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good, the good, the good

All of the good things, good things
All of the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good, the good, the good

Only the good things, good things
Only the good things, good things
Only the good, the good, the good
Only the good

Source: Songfacts.

Michael Slager

Michael Slager (1981- ) was the White American killer cop who shot Walter Scott, an unarmed Black man, four times in the back in North Charleston, South Carolina. That was on April 4th 2015. It was caught on citizen video for the world to see. Slager just got 20 years in federal prison for that, no chance of parole.

The state murder trial last year in 2016 ended in a hung jury. Despite damning video showing Slager shooting Scott in the back as he ran away and then planting a taser next to him, and despite his lies, one White man on the jury said:

“I cannot in good conscience consider a guilty verdict.”

The jury was 92% White in a county that is less than 70% White.

Plea bargain: A retrial was set for August of this year, but in May Slager got the state to drop the murder charge by pleading guilty to a pending federal civil rights charge of using excessive force. A judge would determine his sentence later in the year at a hearing. His lawyers told him he would not likely get more than ten years.

While Slager was in jail his son was born. He hoped to get out before his son turned ten. (At one point Slager was in a cell next Dylann Roof, he who carried out the Charleston Massacre two months after the Scott shooting.)

Sentencing: The sentencing hearing took place this past week. The judge determined that Slager was guilty of second-degree murder. That meant he could not give him less than 19 years. He could have given him life in prison, but thought that 20 years in prison for a former police officer would be bad enough. Slager will not even get to see his son graduate from high school.

Slager did not apologize to Scott’s family till this week.

Scott’s parents and brothers.

Feared for his life: At the murder trial, Slager said Scott took hold of his taser:

“In my mind it was total fear … I pulled my firearm and I pulled the trigger. I fired until the threat was stopped, like I’m trained to do.”

If Scott ever had hold of his taser, he no longer did when he was running away and was shot in the back four times, one right through the heart. Slager seems calm not fearful in the video.

Not just a bad apple: Some of Slager’s fellow officers, even supervisors, said that Slager did what he was supposed to do. And as many as six on the jury were unwilling to find him guilty even of manslaughter. This stuff goes way beyond Slager.

Quotas: Slager was expected to pull over at least three motorists every shift. He told Scott he pulled him over because his third brake light was out. South Carolina law requires only one working brake light.

Reform: In the wake of the shooting, the Department of Justice (DOJ) agreed to do a review of the North Charleston police department and work with it on reforms. Jeff Sessions put an end to that.

– Abagond, 2017.

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New Angouleme

Detail from Girolamo Ruscelli’s world map of 1561.

To begin at the beginning, here is the very first thing ever written about New Angouleme:

“Once we were anchored off the coast and well sheltered, we did not want to run any risks without knowing anything about the river mouth. So we took the small boat up this river to land which we found densely populated.

“The people were almost the same as the others [seen elsewhere], dressed in birds’ feathers of various color and they came toward us joyfully, uttering loud cries of wonderment, and showing us safest place to beach the boat.

“We went up this river for about half a league [2km], where we saw that it formed a beautiful lake, about three leagues [12km] in circumference.

“About 30 small boats ran to and from across the lake with innumerable people aboard who were crossing from one side to the other to see us.

“Suddenly, as often happens in sailing, a violent unfavorable wind blew in from the sea, and we were forced to return to the ship, leaving the land with much regret on account of its favorable conditions and beauty; we think was not without some properties of value, since all the hills showed signs of minerals.”

That was on Tuesday March 1st 1524 in the land of Francesca (March 11th on the Gregorian calendar). The harbour was named New Angouleme after King Francis I of France, formerly known as the Count of Angouleme.

New Angouleme was an obstacle:

“My intention on this voyage was to reach Cathay [China] and the extreme eastern coast of Asia, but I did not expect to find such an obstacle of new land as I have found; and if for some reason I did expect to find it, I estimated there would be some strait to get through to the Eastern Ocean. […] Aristotle supports this theory by arguments of various analogies …”

Aristotle back then was the last word in science.

In 1525, on a second visit, the “lake” was found to be the mouth of a river, which they named the San Antonio River. New Angouleme’s part of Francesca was named the Land of Esteban Gomez.

In 1529 New Angouleme appeared on a world map for the first time. It had that name throughout the 1500s.

In 1664 it became the possession of an English duke and has been named after him ever since: New York. Francesca is the Atlantic coast from North Carolina to Nova Scotia. The San Antonio River is now named the Hudson, after someone who arrived in the same harbour 85 years later, also looking for a shortcut to China.

New York harbour in 3978 as played by Point Dume Beach in Malibu, California in 1968.

The writer is Giovanni da Verrazzano – spelled with two z’s, not one, like the bridge that now crosses where he once sailed. He was a warmed-over pirate from Florence who sailed for France.

The account is the first written account we have of the Delaware Indians, long before the settler colonialists of Anglo America stereotyped them as “merciless Indian Savages” and their land as virgin wilderness.

– Abagond, 2017.

Sources: mainly Verrazzano (1524) and the New York Map Society (2008).

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Michael Flynn

Flynn at Trump Tower, 2016. Via Blasting News.

Michael Flynn (1958- ) is a retired three-star general of the US Army. He was Donald Trump’s top military adviser when he ran for president in 2016 and, briefly in 2017, his National Security Advisor, a position held by the likes of Henry Kissinger, Condoleezza Rice, and Susan Rice.

On December 1st 2017, having been caught lying to the FBI about secret contacts with the Russians, Flynn turned state’s evidence in Robert Mueller’s Russiagate investigation.

From how Trump and Mueller have been acting, Flynn seems knows something big.

Depending on who you ask, Flynn is:

  • “the most brilliant intelligence officer of his generation”,
  • “unhinged”,
  • “a rat on acid”,
  • “refreshing”,
  • “not a linear thinker”,
  • “a fine person”,
  • “kooky”,
  • “ferociously intelligent”,
  • “right-wing nutty”.

From 2004 to 2010, under General Stanley McChrystal, Flynn is a rising star in military intelligence, first in Iraq and then in Afghanistan. He changes how the US military goes after jihadists, going after information, not body count; taking down networks, not just top people. He saves thousands of lives. In 2006 he was the one who found and brought down al-Zarqawi, the head of al-Qaeda in Iraq.

In 2012 President Obama puts him in charge of the Pentagon’s Defence Intelligence Agency, the DIA. Flynn tries to reform the DIA without apparent rhyme or reason. Chaos goes up, morale goes down. The DIA starts to work around him.

In 2013, the GRU, the Russian counterpart to the DIA, invites him to Russia. He goes, becoming the first US military officer to set foot inside the GRU – the same outfit that will later take part in hacking the 2016 US election to help Trump win.

Flynn facts: While at the DIA Flynn believes untrue stuff like:

  • 75% of mobile phones are bought by Africans.
  • Hezbollah has killed more Americans than al-Qaeda.

They are called “Flynn facts”.

In 2014 he is forced out of the DIA a year early and into early retirement from the army. He had been in the army since 1981, fought in Grenada, even missed his son’s wedding while in Iraq.

Since then he has received money from the likes of:

  • the Turkish government (secretly);
  • Kaspersky Lab, a Russian cybersecurity firm;
  • RT, a news outlet run by the Russian government.

US army officers, like presidents, are not allowed to receive money from foreign governments without the permission of Congress.

In December 2015 Flynn is invited to Russia for RT’s tenth anniversary party. He sits next to President Putin himself. They paid Flynn $45,000 to be there.

In February 2016, two months later, Flynn, a lifelong Democrat, backs Trump, a Republican. He is the first general to do so. He tweets stuff like:

“Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL”

He sees Islam not as a religion but a political ideology, “like a cancer”, bent on destroying Judeo-Christian civilization under the leadership of Iran.

In July 2016 he speaks at the Republican National Convention. Leading chants against Hillary Clinton of “Lock her up!”, Flynn says:

“if I did a tenth — a tenth — of what she did, I would be in jail today.”

– Abagond, 2017.

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