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The Rocky Mount Killer is an American serial killer in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Since 2005 he has killed at least six women, possibly nine – three women are missing. No one knows who he is. “Rocky Mount Killer” is my name – the press has yet to give him one.

It took six bodies and four years before the police formed a task force in June 2009 and started to get somewhat serious. In July the FBI joined in. In August it made news across the country when AP and CNN carried the story.

The police are saying little.  They are starting to look into it and have leads and suspects, but have yet to search the woods where many of the bodies were found and where there might be three others.

The murdered women were all black prostitutes hooked on drugs or drink who came from the edge of town. Most were found near the same stretch of road, their naked bodies thrown away in the woods, often lying there for months because the police did not care to look for them:


Found dead: May 29th 2005: Melody Wiggins, 29


Found dead: August 17th 2007: Jackie Thorpe, 35


Found dead: March 13th 2008: Ernestine Battle, 50


Found dead: February 2009: unidentified


Found dead: March 7th 2009: Taraha Nicholson, 28


Found dead: June 29th 2009: Jarneice Hargrove, 31

The three missing women:


Christine Boone


Joyce Durham


Yolanda Lancaster

When a white woman was missing the other week, the police held a press conference. None of these women got a press conference.

Rocky Mount, the birthplace of Thelonius Monk, won an award for being an all-American city. It is in tobacco country, an hour by car north-east of Raleigh. Blacks live on the east side, on the “wrong side” of the railroad tracks that divide the city.

On the east side the serial killer is all people can talk about. Meanwhile on the west side hardly anyone even knew about it till June when Hargrove’s body was found. Even the news reporters did not know. But the police certainly did: they are the ones who picked up all six bodies.

The police did not get serious till the news started covering the murders. But the news did not cover it till the women’s faces began to appear on billboards.

The billboards were the work of M.O.M.S. – Missing or Mudered Sisters, founded by Stephanie Jones, 28, who knew two of the dead. She raised money through fish fries and motorcycle rides. The billboard company gave her a good discount and one donor gave $20,000 – half for the billboard and half as a reward to find the killer.

Experts say the Rocky Mount Killer is most likely black – because 80% of serial killers go after their own race. He seems to have been in the military or the police force because he leaves little evidence behind.  He has a car where the passenger-side door cannot be opened from the inside. He gets his kicks from controlling women through sex.

He will continue to kill till he is stopped.

Thanks to Siditty for featuring this story on her blog and thereby letting me know about it.

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baucum02Betty Jean “Susie” Baucum (1970-1994) was one of the 11 women killed by the Charlotte Strangler, Henry Louis Wallace, one of America’s worst serial killers. She was a nice, quiet woman. He killed her two days after her 24th birthday.

She was a manager at Bojangles, a fast food place near Eastland Mall in east Charlotte, North Carolina. She came to the city from Laurel Hills, a small town a hundred miles to the east. She was working 50 hours a week to save money to complete her education. She had a three-year-old daugher, B.J.

Her cousin said, “She could make you feel like a million dollars on your worse day. She had the most beautiful smile, one that could light up any room.”

She knew Wallace through his girlfriend, who also worked at Bojangles. Someone else who had worked at Bojangles, Caroline Love, was killed two years earlier. By Wallace. But no one knew.

Wallace was hooked on crack. He needed money bad to buy more. Two weeks had gone by since he had killed and robbed Vanessa Mack. It did not even make the news, so he thought it would be safe to rob and kill someone else.

He went to see Brandi Henderson, but her boyfriend (a friend of Wallace’s) was there. Wallace would come back later, but in the meantime he went to see Baucum. She lived in the same Lake apartments: he had seen her car, a blue 1988 Nissan Pulsar, parked outside.

He asked Baucum if he could use her telephone. She let him in. He acted like he was looking up a number but then when she turned her back, he put his hands round her neck and asked for the combination to unlock the safe at Bojangles. He had robbed Bojangles twice before.

It took her 30 minutes to produce the combination. She wrote it down for him and he let go of her. She asked why he was doing this. He said he was sick and had hurt many people. She said she forgave him and told him he needed help. That got him angry: he pushed her to floor and they fought. He got the upper hand, put a towel round her neck and held it so tight she nearly passed out. He took her to the bedroom, undressed her and raped her and killed her.

He took $80 from her purse as well as her keys, her television and her gun. She had got the gun for protection a while back when her roommate had moved out.

He put the stuff in her car and sold the television for crack. He went back to get her VCR (and to make sure she was dead) and sold that too. Then he went on to rape, kill and rob Brandi Henderson that same night.

Later he got rid of Baucum’s car, wiping off the fingerprints. But there was one place he forgot to wipe: the trunk in the back. It would prove to be his undoing.


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Henry Louis Wallace (1965- ), the Charlotte Strangler, was one of the most dangerous serial killers in America. For almost two whole years, from 1992 to 1994, he was on the loose killing women in the east part of Charlotte, North Carolina. He killed eleven young women in all, three of them in the last three days before they caught him.

His secret? He killed only black working-class women. He was able to kill seven of them before the police started to get serious about finding him!

Wallace seemed like such a nice man. Even his girlfriend was surprised when she found out he was the killer. His neighbours and those who knew him growing up were shocked.

Wallace had a crack habit. When he needed money, he would get himself alone with a young woman at her place and rob her.

But when he got there it would go beyond that: once she turned her back on him he would put his hands on her neck and force her to have sex with him. After that he would cut off her breathing completely, strangling her to death. Then he would rob the place and leave.

The women he killed (pictures, where I could find them, go above the name):

March 1990: Tashanda Bethea – a girl he once dated. Threw her body in a lake.

May 1992: Sharon Lavette Nance – a prostitute. Instead of paying her he beat her to death.


June 1992: Caroline Love – after throwing her body in the woods, he helped her sisters file a missing person’s report. She went missing for two years.


February 1993: Shawna D. Hawk – found naked in her bathtub, her eyes looking up lifelessly through the water.


June 1993: Audrey Ann Spain


August 1993: Valencia M. Jumper – a friend of his sister’s. He strangled her and set her on fire. Later he went to the funeral.


September 1993: Michelle Stinson – found by her three-year-old son “sleeping on the floor” in her own blood with a knife in her back.


February 1994: Vanessa Little Mack – a sister of an old girlfriend of his.


March 1994: Betty Jean Baucum


March 1994: Brandi June Henderson


March 1994: Deborah Slaughter

  • Love, Baucum and Slaughter worked at Bojangles on Central Avenue with his girlfriend.
  • Spain and Hawk worked for him at Taco Bell. Stinson met him there.
  • Henderson worked with him at the Golden Corral.

The morning after Slaughter turned up dead the police compared notes. The same name kept coming up: Henry Louis Wallace. Not as the killer but as someone the last three women all knew. They found out he knew the other women too – and that it was his fingerprints that were on the back of Baucum’s Pulsar, the car they knew the killer had driven.

They arrested Wallace and questioned him for hours. At last he broke and deep into the night he told them about each of the eleven murders.

He is now in prison sentenced to die, but no date has been set. He still has some more appeals he can make in the courts.


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