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Kim Kardashian (1980- ) is a rich party girl from Los Angeles, California. Till 2007 she was mainly known as a friend of Paris Hilton, but then a sex video of her and her boyfriend, the singer Ray J, made the rounds on the Internet. After that she made the cover of Complex, King, Playboy and other magazines.

According to this blog she is the fifth most beautiful woman in the world. She has big, beautiful eyes, a beautiful face, long, thick black hair and a great figure. Her measurements are 35D-26-40 (89-66-102 cm). She is 5 foot 3 (1.60 metres).

When Paris Hilton was asked if she wanted a big bottom like Kardashian, she said, “.. it’s gross! It reminds me of cottage cheese inside a big trash bag.”

In reply Kardashian said, “If Paris Hilton thinks my butt looks gross, I don’t really care. At least I have a butt.”

Even though Kardashian is white, black men seem to like her more than white men. She was the first white woman to make the cover of King magazine yet she barely made white American Maxim’s Hot 100.

kim-kardashian-buttock-augm3Since she herself seems to prefer black men, did she use her family’s money to give herself a black woman’s body?

She says no: all the women in her family have her sort of figure. But there is at least one picture of her where her legs seem too thin compared to the rest of her body and another one where her bottom was clearly smaller than it is now.

She said that Jennifer Lopez’s pride in her figure gave her the courage to show off hers. And that she did, naked, in Playboy in December 2007 in what she calls “tastefully done” pictures.

She said she appeared in Playboy at the urging of her mother (yes) and “because I’m not one of those stick skinny girls you see. I felt like girls today need to see a normal body.”

When Vivid Video put out her sex video in 2007 she took them to court. How could she face her grandmother? But later that same year Kardashian herself put out a much longer sex video.

Many think she masterminded the whole sex video thing from beginning to end: it was all a bit too much like what her friend Paris Hilton did a few years before. And the video is too well done to seem like something private that suddenly saw the light of day.

If the name Kardashian seems somehow familiar you are probably thinking of her father: he helped to defend OJ Simpson at his murder trial in 1995. He came out of retirement to do it: he and Simpson were friends.

In 1989 when she was little her parents divorced. Her mother married Olympic gold-medal winner Bruce Jenner.

She was married to R & B producer Damon Thomas from 2000 to 2004. A mistake, she says.

She and Paris Hilton have known each other since they were little girls: their mothers were friends.


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Paris Hilton (1981- ), more googled than God, is one of those people who are famous for being famous, who have a talent for staying in the public eye in spite of slender achievements. She is a rich airhead and party girl that magazines and newspapers love to write about and people love to laugh at. But, as rich as she is, she will probably have the last laugh.

Her grandfather is the owner of Hilton Hotels, which has thousands of hotels all over the world. Her father has not done too badly for himself either.

Paris Hilton, the oldest of four children, is worth between $30 and $50 million (2 to 4 million crowns) . That is more money than most Americans would make in eight lifetimes.

Not all her wealth is from her father and grandfather: she has made a fortune of her own by putting her famous name on perfume, purses, nightclubs and much else. She has written a book (with help), acted (not well) and sang.

Singing is her true love and her most solid achievement: she has had a few hit songs.

She first came to people’s attention in New York in 2001. Her name began appearing in the newspapers there, where she is part of the party scene of high society.

But in October 2003 she became world famous overnight when an old boyfriend put out a video of the two of them having sex. Called “1 Night in Paris”, it was all over the Internet. Other videos soon followed.

The video was made three years before, yet it came out just a month before her television show, “The Simple Life”, first aired.

“The Simple Life” shows Hilton and fellow party girl Nicole Richie living on a farm. Not only were they out of their element, but, as later seasons showed, any sort of ordinary life was beyond them. They were too used to being rich and having everything handed to them.

Hilton was in prison in June 2007. It was a top news story worldwide. The Wikipedia carefully recorded the very minute when she was freed: 07:15 UTC on June 26th 2007.

The whole thing started when she was arrested for drunk driving. The judge barred her from driving, but a few months later she drove her car in the dark, without headlights and going twice the speed limit. That is what landed her in prison.

The judge was hard on her: most people spend 4 days or less in prison for something like that. She was there for 23 days: bad food, cheap sheets, orange outfits, no silence, no BlackBerrys, no private, hot showers. No puppies!

To prepare for the experience she read “The Alchemist”, “The Power of Now”, the Bible and other self-help books.

She says prison has made her stronger; she has promised not to “act dumb”.

She has several dogs. The one you always see her carrying is Tinkerbell.

She uses the n-word but the press never calls her on it.

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