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Lauren London (1984- ) is an up-and-coming black actress in Hollywood. She is best known for playing New New, T.I.’s girlfriend in the film “ATL” (2006).

Although she is well known in certain circles, she is not a household name – yet. Loretta Divine, who played her mother in “This Christmas” (2007) says, “She has such a strong presence – that mixture of class, innocence and girl-next-door beauty. She should rock this industry.”

London does have a sweet and innocent-looking beauty. She is light-skinned with long black hair and beautiful dark eyes. She looks even better in person than on film.

Even though she does not see herself as all that desirable, it seems that the readers of King magazine cannot get enough of her. She appeared on the cover in 2006, was in the magazine again in 2007, and in 2008 was still third on the magazine’s request-o-meter. Only the singers Rihanna and Alicia Keys were in greater demand.

But she is not just another one of Hollywood’s brainless beauties. She is wise beyond her years – maybe because life was so rough for her growing up. She says it helps her to be a better actress.

She is not so much interested in becoming rich and famous as in becoming a great actress. She wants parts in films that will make her a better actress, not a necessarily a famous one. She hopes to win the Oscar one day.

lauren-london-parentsHer mother is black, her father is white They broke up when she was three, but it seems her father has stayed in her life. Her mother almost did not have her: she was only 20 and still at university at UCLA. London grew up in West Los Angeles and nearby in Pasadena. She was homeschooled in the last years of high school so she could get into acting.

In 2003 she started appearing in hip hop videos, like those of Snoop Dog, Young Gunz and especially Pharrell. She did it only to get some experience, not as an end in itself. She will still do videos on rare occasion.

When she appeared in King in 2006 she was in a two-piece swimsuit. In 2007 she was much more covered up. It matches how she is entering a more serious stage in her acting.

She has appeared on television as Monay in “Everybody Hates Chris” and as Turtle’s girlfriend in “Entourage” on HBO.

Rap guy’s girlfriend: She has reportedly been the girlfriend of rappers Lil Wayne, and Neef of Young Gunz . Right now she has little time for a serious love life. Which makes her a bit afraid for her future: she does not want to wind up like Oprah, rich and famous but without a family of her own.

She says that if she was alone on a desert island with her perfect man he would climb the tree to get the coconut and let her eat first. Makes you kind of wonder about Lil Wayne.

– Abagond, 2008.


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