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IQ (1905- ) is short for intelligence quotient. It is a way to measure intelligence. IQs go from 0 to about 200. Most people have an IQ near 100.

To give you a rough idea of what the numbers mean in English:

0 to 70 retarded
70 to 90 dull
90 to 110 average
110 to 130 bright
130 to 200 gifted

Most maids have IQs of about 100, professors about 115 and doctors 120. To join Mensa you need an IQ of at least 130.

IQ = (mental age / calendar age) x 100

If you are over 16, then your calendar age is just 16. It does not go higher than that.

To find out your mental age you take an IQ test which compares how well you did on its questions compared to people of different ages.

So, for example, if you are ten years old but did as well on the test as an ordinary 12 year old, then your IQ is (12/10) x 100 or 120.

Or: if you are fully grown but have the mind of an 8 year old, than your IQ is 50: (8/16) x 100.

So when Steve Sailer says that ordinary black Americans have an IQ of 85 he is saying they have the mind of 13-year-olds (= 16 x 0.85). That is why he says they need “moral guidance” and why black Africa will always be in a “Lord of the Flies” mess unless it is ruled by outsiders.

On the Internet you can find terrible IQ maps of the world. I do not know where they get their numbers. Most go something like this:

  • 105: China, Korea, Japan
  • 100: Europe, Russia, North America, Australia, Argentina
  • 85: Latin America, Middle East, India, South-east Asia
  • 70: Black Africa

Yellow, white, brown and black, in that order, it seems.

If you took the SAT before 1995, the test you need to take to apply to American universities, you can get a pretty good idea of your IQ: it is about one tenth of your combined math and reading score. So if you got 550 math and 630 reading (verbal), your combined score is 1180 and your IQ is most likely somewhere near 118. That is no accident. The SAT grew out of the old IQ test that the army used.

Here are the estimated IQs of some famous people:

  • 195: Pascal
  • 190: Newton, Voltaire, Kasparov, Wittgenstein, Laplace
  • 185: Galileo, Descartes, Bobby Fisher
  • 180: Michelangelo, Lord Byron
  • 175: Kepler, Kant, Spinoza
  • 170: Plato, Luther, Raphael, Wagner
  • 165: Darwin, Hegel, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, John Locke
  • 160: Einstein, Bill Gates, Hawking, Ben Franklin, Isaac Asimov, Reggie Jackson
  • 155: Balzac, Sharon Stone, Cervantes, Rembrandt, Swift, Emerson
  • 150: Rousseau
  • 145: Napoleon, Nixon
  • 140: Hitler, Hillary Clinton, Madonna, Shakira, Jefferson, Geena Davis
  • 135: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Al Gore
  • 130: Jodie Foster, Lincoln
  • 125: George Bush
  • 120:
  • 115: John Kennedy
  • 110: Ulysses Grant
  • 105: James Watson
  • 100:
  • Less than 100: Andy Warhol (86), Muhammad Ali (78 )

IQs have been going up in rich countries over time, about a point every three years. This is called the Flynn Effect. No one knows for sure what causes it.

It would help if people understood just what it is that IQ tests test. It is not intelligence but something like it – whatever it is that makes some children do well in school and others do poorly. That something is not what Edison, Warhol, Picasso or Churchill had, yet no one ever doubted their intelligence after their school years.

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