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White patriotism in America is different than black patriotism, but it is still patriotism.

White Americans love their country. They are quite willing to die for it. You see that in the war in Iraq, which has been fought without forcing anyone into the military. Even with all the blacks in the military, it would not have been possible unless whites loved their country too.

John McCain is a true patriot. Even though he is white, almost everything I said about black patriotism can be applied to him. He served his country in war, he has worked to make it better through public service and he knows that a true patriot does not turn a blind eye to the injustice in his country but stands up to it. He knows that patriotism is something deep, something more than merely liking one’s country.

Cindy McCain, his wife, on the other hand, was not a patriot when she said:

I have and always will be proud of my country.

Apparently that sort of blind pride in America is fairly widespread among white Americans, even those with good educations, because so few of them pointed out how utterly brainless and heartless her words were.

You see this same blind pride at work when people think that saying bad things about America means you must hate it, that you are not a true American.

This sort of blind pride is far more common among whites than blacks.

Blacks know all too well from their own experience that America is far from perfect, that injustice comes built in. Even blacks as successful and rich as Michelle Obama know it. You do not have to live in a ghetto to see it.

Many whites, on the other hand, live in an apple-pie America. Their own power and white privilege protects them from much of the bad that goes on in the world – much of it, in fact, done in their name to make their lives so nice and comfortable. But they do not see that.

They have been brought up to turn a blind eye to the injustice and suffering their lives are built on.

They do not understand that the ghettos are so screwed up because of them. They do not understand that the Middle East is so screwed up because of them. They do not understand that the Twin Towers are gone – because of them.

They do not see that. Because they do not want to.

Because they do not want to give up their Disney World lives. Yes, Disney World lives, because compared to most of the world that is what it is. Because it is not rooted in anything honest and true.

Cindy McCain was 53 years old when she said those words. Not 17 but 53. How in the world can someone live 53 years on this earth and not see the evil done in her name? It is far from being an accident.

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