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200912292913320734_5The current war in Gaza (2008- ) started a few weeks ago on December 27th 2008 when Israel began to bomb Gaza. It seemed they were softening up Gaza for a land war, which now in fact has begun. Israel has cut Gaza in half and has sent its army into Gaza City.

Israel says Gaza has been sending rockets into Israel to kill people. It has. But not counting soldiers it had killed only 2 Israelis in 2008 before the war. Meanwhile Israel had killed over 80 Gazans in addition to Hamas fighters.

So, based on that threat, Israel made war on Gaza.

Both sides knew this war was long in coming. Israel tried to do it in 2006 but soon found its north bombed by Hezbollah of Lebanon. That quickly became a war against Lebanon, not Gaza.

Israel says it wants to destroy Hamas, the party that has ruled Gaza since 2007. That is what it says. What it is doing is destroying Gaza itself: most of the dead are not Hamas fighters. In fact up to 40% of them are women and children. Whole apartment blocks have been flattened. Israel has hit government buildings, police stations, schools, mosques and a university. In these days of Google Maps and GPS, it knows just what it is doing. It has even destroyed a United Nations school, killing at least 30, mostly children. It hit a clearly marked United Nations truck.

Before the war Israel, with American help, had pretty much cut off Gaza from the outside world. So Gaza is running out of medicine, oil and spare parts. There are long lines for bread. Most have no power or have it only for a short time every day; half have no running water.

What does Barack Obama say about all this? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. And what about President Bush? That Israel has the right to defend itself .

Defend itself from what? From home-made rockets with one of the top military machines in the world? A military that thinks one Jewish eye is worth a hundred Arab eyes?

boliganMeanwhile America gives Israel billions of dollars every year while Israel fights its wars with American arms. Everyone in the Middle East sees this and everyone knows it.

Americans wonder “Why do they hate us?” This is why – part of it. This is why 3000 Americans died on 9/11 – part of it. The other part is that America supports evil governments in the Arab world, particularly in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. The war in Iraq does not help either.

Some say that Arabs and Jews have been fighting each other since forever, that it is too hard to understand.

No, it is not.

Where did the people in Gaza come from? From Israel. They are Arabs who were pushed off their land by the Jews. And now the little bit of the world they still have left – three and a half times the size of Disney World in a place the Bible calls Gath – is being destroyed too.

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