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Big Brother All Stars

For Big Brother All Stars, the seventh season of American
“Big Brother”, the game show,
they have brought back the best players from the past six
years. Kaysar is there, so is Dr Will and Mike Boogie.

Among the remaning houseguests are (the numbers after their names are their rank in their first season):

  • Chill Town:
    • Dr Will Kirby (1): Dr Will won season two and is up to
      his old tricks again this year. He is the only one who
      truly understands the game. He is such a charmer that he
      can say he is a liar and still have the others believe
      what he says! He could win.
    • Mike “Boogie” Malin (8): He is Dr Will’s true friend
      and partner in crime, his right-hand man. They laugh at
      how witless all the other players are. He could win.
  • Season Sixers:
    • Janelle Pierzina (3): She is very good at winning
      games and gaining power. She is closest to Kaysar, who
      understands the game better than anyone except for
      Will. She cannot read people and know when she is being
      played, so Dr Will has her eating out of his hand.
    • Howie Gordon (5): He will do whatever Janelle tells
      him even if he thinks it is a bad idea. His loyalty to
      her and Season Six is absolute. He does not seem very
      bright, but unlike most other players he understands
      loyalty and that it is not just about the good times, but
      especially about the bad. He could win.
    • Kaysar Ridha (10): He has thought through everything
      and understands the game better than anyone except for
      Will. Where Will takes the low road, Kaysar takes the
      moral high road: it is not worth it to him to win if it
      means becoming a snake. He does not lie or go back on his
      word. He can be tricked into a dare. He could win.
  • Floaters:
    • Danielle Reyes (2): She came in second in season
      three. She is very good at working behind the scenes to
      get those on her blacklist turned out. She is a fighter,
      but does not think long-term enough. She lost season two
      because she created so much hatred against herself.
    • Erika Landin (4): beautiful but faithless. She has
      turned Mike Boogie’s head. Will warns him that she will
      “throw him under the bus” in a second. True. She is only
      out for herself.
    • Marcellas Reynolds (5): Janelle’s faithless friend. He
      kisses up to Season Six for his own protection, but would
      double cross any of them in a heartbeat. He is only out
      for himself.
    • “Chicken” George Boswell (5): no one sees him as a
      threat. A big mistake. He could win.
    • James Rhine (7): a liar and a snake, but without the
      brains required to carry it off. A poor man’s Dr Will. He
      was once a Season Sixer but thinks loyalty is for fools.
      He is the bigger fool. No one else will trust him — just
      use him.

The game is becoming a fight between Kaysar and Danielle with
Chill Town laughing at their being such fools.

The rank these players got in their first season:

  1. Will
  2. Danielle
  3. Janelle
  4. Erika
  5. George, Marcellas, Howie
  6. James
  7. Mike
  8. Kaysar

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Big Brother

Big Brother is what Orwell called the government in his book “1984”. Like a big brother it keeps an eye on you, but it did it with cameras which were everywhere, even in your house.

Big Brother is also game show on television. In America it is on CBS in the summers three nights a week. It is now in its seventh year. Big Brother started in the Netherlands and has spread to 70 countries.

In Big Brother a dozen or so strangers are brought together to live in a big house cut off from the outside world. Each week a houseguest is voted out: two are put up for possible eviction: the one who gets the most votes is turned out. The last houseguest to remain wins the prize. In America the prize is $500,000 (44,000 crowns). That is more than ten years’ pay for most people.

What makes it like Orwell’s Big Brother is that there are cameras everywhere in the house recording all that goes on. The best bits are put on television. On the Internet you can see yet more, like on YouTube or the live feed on the CBS site.

Like Shakespeare or a good Godfather film, it is a great study in human nature: good against evil, knowing who to trust and who is lying, choosing whether to take the moral high road or be a snake and take the low road, choosing between helping your friends or looking out for yourself. It is all there.

The main rules:

  1. Head of Household (HOH): a game is held, some sort of physical challenge or a game of memory and wits. The winner becomes the Head of Household. The Head of Household gets the biggest room in the house and a private bathroom. He (or she) is the one who names which two to put up for the eviction vote.
  2. Power of Veto (POV): Later another game is held. The winner of this gets the Power of Veto: he can, if he wants, save one of the two guests that have been put up for eviction. If he does save one of them, then the HOH must pick someone else to put up for eviction.
  3. Eviction Vote: the guests vote for who will be turned out of the house. The two put up for eviction do not vote. The HOH votes only to break a tie.

The process repeats every week.

When only two guests are left, the last seven guests to leave the house vote for the winner. That makes it important to keep your friends in the house as long as possible.

One of the guests is brought back later through an online vote by viewers.

Big Brother is different from country to country. These are the American rules, but the idea is the same wherever you go.

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The Evil Dr Will

Dr Will Kirby (1973- ) is a skin doctor in Miami. He is better known in America as the Evil Dr Will who won the second season of “Big Brother”. He is back for the current, seventh season of the show.

Big Brother is a game show on television where a dozen or so people are brought together to live together in a big house cut off from the outside world. Each week two are put up for possible eviction and the rest vote for which one they want to leave the house. The last houseguest to remain wins the game and a mountain of money ($500,000).

As a player Dr Will seems very much like a fox in a children’s story.

Most players seek power and do all they can to gain it to protect their friends and hurt their enemies. They do everything they can to avoid eviction. When they are put up for possible eviction they often become desperate and make a false move that does them in.

Dr Will does the opposite: He never seeks power, he does not mind being put up eviction, he does not seem to have a blacklist of enemies, nor does he have many friends. No matter how bad things get he remains calm and keeps a cool head. Even in his darkest hour he smiles and makes people laugh.

  • He never wins any of the games to become Head of Household so he never puts anyone up for eviction.
  • He never wins any of the games to get Power of Veto so he never has to choose sides and make enemies.
  • He is often up for eviction so he votes only a few players off.

In short, he always makes sure he is never a direct, immediate threat to anyone. He is always someone to get rid of next week, but never this week. This week there is always someone more threatening. He makes sure of it.

He has been put up for eviction five times so far, yet only one person has ever voted against him!

He smiles, he turns on his charm and he tells everyone that he is a liar, that he hates them, that he will waste the prize money, that he is good-looking. But he says it all like he does not mean it.

He hides in plain sight.

His rules of play (as best as I can work them out):

  • Smile, turn on the charm, make people laugh.
  • Never win power, never be a direct threat to anyone.
  • Never lose your cool, never get angry.
  • Never seem to take anything dead seriously.
  • Lie.
  • If you get caught in a lie, tell another one.
  • Turn the other players on each other by planting doubts in their heads and then stand back.

His mother and brother say he is nothing like this in his private life.

The sayings of Dr Will:

Do you think it’s easy being this good looking? It is easy.

I consider lying a sport … If you got burned in this House, it’s your fault

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American Idol

American Idol is about the only television show that I watch regularly each week. Anyone between the age of sixteen and twenty-nine can enter. The best singers are selected by the three judges – Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. They go all over the country to hear thousands of singers, most of them dreadful. We get to see some of that on television.

Once the judges have narrowed the list of singers down to 24, then we viewers become the judges, using our telephones to vote for the singer we like. Every week those with the least number of votes get kicked off. When it comes down to just twelve singers, then one is kicked off each week till there is only one left, the winner.

Right now there are nine singers left.

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