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Amy Holmes (1973- ) is CNN’s most beautiful talking head, putting a pretty black face to the Republican party line. She started with CNN in 2007. She has also been on Fox News, “Real Time with Bill Maher”, “The View” and BET. She would like to become the next Charlie Rose

She has beautiful eyes I could look at forever! I probably only hear half of what she says!

It is not just me, either: Rosie O’Donnell says she is “very pretty”.

On CNN she talks like a Republican, being careful to savage Barack Obama. But on “The View” she told us she is an independent who is for abortion.

She was born in Africa in Zambia to a black man and a white American mother. Her parents broke up when she was three and her mother came back with her to America, where she grew up in Seattle.

Like Michelle Obama she went to Princeton University, but unlike her she felt at home there. She studied economics. She says it helped her to learn how to think. In those days she was a Democrat, did not eat meat, worked for animal rights and voted for Bill Clinton.

After Princeton she went to work in the music industry in Seattle, but missed the East Coast. She wanted to move to New York, but wound up in Washington, DC where a friend of hers lived. That was in October 1995.

There she started reading right-wing magazines like the National Review, which she read at Starbucks hiding it inside a copy of the left-wing New Republic. One thing led to another and she wound up working for Arianna Huffington.

After only two months in Washington her picture was in the Washington Post as a young new face of the black right-wing! That brought her to the attention of television producers. In time that got her on MSNBC, Fox News and BET.

From 1996 to 1998 she worked for the Independent Women’s Forum, a right-wing think tank.

From 1999 to 2001 she wrote a monthly column for USA Today. She has also written for the Washington Post and the National Review – the magazine she used to hide at Starbucks!

In 2002 she had her own show on BET, “Lead Story”.

From 2003 to 2006 she was a speech writer for Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee. She told him she was for abortion and not against same-sex marriage, but he hired her anyway.

Some say her right-wing views are not heart-felt but just a way to get on television.

Her Republicanism seems more white and north-eastern than black: she is more like Giuliani, say, than Alan Keyes or Condoleezza Rice, whose Republicanism has a strong moral element.

She has a long history of dating the Jewish people, as she puts it. She does not seem to be Jewish herself: she celebrates Christmas. Not that that necessarily proves anything.

Some of the men she has dated were much older than her: Mickey Kaus and Lloyd Grove are both old enough to be her father.

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