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Forty years ago four of America’s greatest leaders in our time were shot dead one by one: John Kennedy (1963), Malcolm X (1965), Martin Luther King, Jr (1968 ) and Robert Kennedy (1968).

Barack Obama is the first man to come along in those 40 years since then who is anything like these men. I would be a fool not to vote for him. We might not see anyone like him again for another 40 years. It is a once in a lifetime thing.

Only Obama would have kept us out of the war in Iraq. Apart from McCain all the other top candidates have shown bad judgement about Iraq – despite their greater age and experience.

Only Obama can restore our good name in the world. People overseas love to hate America, but they love to love it too. With Obama as president they can love it again and pour out their goodwill.

Only Obama understands both black and white America. That is not a once in a lifetime thing but maybe a once in history thing. His mother was white, his father was black. Whether people like to talk about it or not, race is the deepest, darkest division in this country.

Only Obama gave up a rich, comfortable life to help the poor. None of the other present candidates did. With his Harvard Law degree he could have worked for some big company and made a nice living. Instead he gave that up and went to one of the poorest parts of Chicago to help the people there. This is the sort of thing we should expect in our leaders.

Only Obama will crush the Republicans in November. He is Al Gore with black skin. Black people who have never voted in their lives will come out to vote for him. So he will carry the South in addition to the states that Al Gore won in 2000.

If Hillary Clinton runs instead, then Republicans will come out in their millions to vote against her. Many of them hate her.

Yes, some white people will vote against Obama because he is black, however they may dress it up. But most of these people would have voted Republican anyway.

Obama’s policies and positions are nothing new or surprising. He pretty much toes the Democratic party line – stuff that most Americans would agree with, like raising the minimum wage and providing universal health care, which we badly need.

The part I have the most trouble with is his strong defence of abortion and his loose view of the constitution. He will choose judges for the Supreme Court that do not read the constitution strictly. Those judges will long outlast him.

For me this is his main drawback.

But I am willing to live with it. I know I would if, say, Robert Kennedy were alive and he took the same positions. So in all fairness I must view Obama the same way.

May God go with him.

– Abagond, 2008.

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