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Steve Sailer (1958- ) is a white American blogger, a sort of a thinking man’s skinhead. If you are looking up stuff on the Internet about race and intelligence or interracial marriage or things like that, you are bound to come across his writings. Although he tries to sound like a scientist, he is not. He is just a self-appointed expert with strong, well-written opinions.

This, however, has not stopped his writings and opinions from appearing in places like the American Conservative, National Review, New York Times, Slate, NBC and, of course, countless Google searches.

Here are some of the things he says, but stated in the way I would say it, not dressed up like he does:

  • So many black women are unmarried because they are ugly, they look too much like men. Likewise, Asian men have a hard time getting married because they are too unmanly.
  • Most black Americans have poor judgement and are not particularly bright. They require “strict moral guidance” from whites. Katrina proved that. The ones in Atlanta and Seattle are not so bad, but the ones in New Orleans and Miami are the worst, almost as bad as the blacks in Haiti.
  • Some races just have more natural intelligence than others. Here is the order along with their mean IQs:
    • 110: European Jews
    • 105: North-east Asians, like Japanese and Koreans
    • 100: whites in North America and Europe (not counting Jews)
    • 90: the world as a whole
    • 89: Hispanics in America
    • 85: black Americans
    • 70: black Africans
  • Only the Japanese, north-western Europeans and those like them, like white Americans, are capable of clean, democratic government. Blacks and Latin Americans are not: they are incapable of the level of trust among themselves that is required. That is why Latin America and Africa are such a mess.
  • Mexico is trying to take over America by sending millions of Mexicans to live there.
  • Barack Obama is a wigger: he was brought up by the white side of his family, knowing little about blacks other than what he saw on television. His blackness is an act.

And so on.

He prides himself in speaking the truth that the politically correct will not touch. Like about IQs.

Like Pat Buchanan, Sailer is against letting Mexicans into America. Both men are Catholics, like the Mexicans themselves, but skin colour seems to matter to them more than religion. They have both bought into an old-fashioned, hard-right Anglo Protestant view of the world.

The blogs in his blogroll he calls the Steveosphere.

Sailer’s views on race are like those that whites had a hundred years ago: whites are naturally better than everyone else, they are Evolution’s Chosen People. Science proves it!

These days most white Americans still think blacks are not as good as they are, but they say it is because of their “background”. They believe in a cultural racism instead of Sailer’s scientific racism. But either way they both point the finger away from themselves, their own racism and the unfair advantages they have in society.

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