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The Graham Greene diet goes like this:

  • breakfast: drink tea and read Graham Greene
  • lunch: drink tea and read Graham Greene
  • dinner: eat whatever you want

If you get hungry in between, then drink tea and read Graham Greene.

You can eat any food that anyone offers you, like at a Christmas party.

I will start off by reading “Orient Express”.

As far as I know Graham Greene never wrote a diet book. He liked writing about spies and faraway places instead. He was, after all, a British spy who went to faraway places.

The Graham Greene diet is just something I made up. I name it after him because his books are what makes this diet different from all the others.

I will keep the diet for at least two weeks to see how it goes. I will record my experiences here to complete this posting.

Here is my weight day by day in pounds (divide by two to get rough-and-ready kilos):

  1. 197 – Saturday December 15th
  2. 197 – Sunday December 16th
  3. 198 – Monday December 17th
  4. Tuesday December 18th
  5. Wednesday December 19th
  6. Thursday December 20th
  7. 195 – Friday December 20th
  8. Saturday December 21st
  9. 196 – Sunday December 22nd
  10. 196 – Monday December 23rd
  11. Tuesday December 24th
  12. Wednesday December 25th
  13. Thursday December 26th
  14. 197 – Friday December 27th

Day 1 and 2 went fine.

On day 3 I ate lunch! Grits, Coke, Fritos. The important thing was not to beat myself up about it but just brush myself off and get back on the horse.

On day 4 there was quite a bit of Christmas food on offer at work. That is allowed according to the diet. I scored some baklava.

On day 5 I did not get a chance to eat dinner.

On day 6 nothing much.

On day 7 we had a pizza party at work. That is allowed under the rules.

On days 8 and 9 the Christmas food continues to flow!

On day 10 I had some milk that was going bad. Use it up and ate some grits with it. Yet more Christmas food!

On day 11 more Christmas food – cakes and chocolate.

On day 12 was Christmas! I was completely stuffed after Christmas dinner!

On day 13 nothing much.

On day 14 day last – almost no Christmas food.

My weight is just the same as two weeks ago!

Maybe you think that means the diet does not work, but given that my weight held steady despite all the Christmas food and Christmas eating, that is something of an achievement. Two years ago when I last recorded my weight daily I gained six pounds during these two weeks!

But to be fair, I need to practise the diet for at least a month after the holidays. So that is what I will do. I got three Graham Greene books for Christmas, so I am well supplied.

I will continue the diet till either the end of January or when I finish my five Graham Greene books, which ever comes first.

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