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L’Trimm (1988-1991), made up of rappers Lady Tigra and Bunny D, was a one-hit wonder known for the song “Cars With The Boom” (1988 ). Nearly 20 years later the song holds up surprisingly well.

Their bubblegum form of old school hip hop never caught on. In fact, it was the complete opposite of the gangsta rap that did take over by the middle 1990s.

Their music was not one bit street. It was completely unserious, but that was part of its charm. Unlike other female rappers, Tigra and Bunny sounded like girls, like airhead high school girls, in fact.

L’Trimm was part of the Miami Bass music scene, which gave us 2 Live Crew. Even though Miami Bass affected later forms of hip hop, like crunk, it never caught on nationwide. That helped to put an end to L’Trimm.

The name “L’Trimm” came from Trim jeans, but made to sound French.

Lady Tigra (Rachel de Rougemont) and Bunny D (Elana Cager) lived in Kendall, a suburb of Miami, and became friends in high school. They appeared as dancers on the television show “Miami Teen Express”.

The rapper Mighty Rock used to drive them home from school. One day he had to stop at Hot Productions. There Paul Klein heard the girls rapping. When he saw how pretty they were he thought they would make a good act. They recorded some songs.

Then one day they heard a song of theirs on the radio. They were shocked. They called Klein. He said, “What do you think we did all this for?!” and hung up.

The song “Grab It!” (1988 ) did well in Miami. Soon after “Cars With the Boom” came out, which was a hit across the country. I remember seeing it on The Box in New York.

L’Trimm came out with three discs of songs:

  • 1988: Grab It
  • 1989: Drop That Bottom
  • 1991: Groovy

Only the first one is still in print. It has both “Grab It!” and “Cars With the Boom”. The other two were not as good.

While making “Groovy” L’Trimm wanted to move in the direction of house music but Hot Productions had other ideas. So L’Trimm walked off, never to record again. Hot Productions already had enough for “Groovy”, but it did not sell well.

Bunny moved to Indiana, got married, settled down and had four children.

Tigra moved to New York, where she helped to run a nightclub. In 2007 she came out with some new songs, which you can hear on her MySpace page. She also did “The Pinkberry Song”, which you can hear on pinkberry.com. Sounds just like the old Tigra.

In 2005 Jay R came out with the song “My Other Car Is a Beatle”. It has L’Trimm rapping “Cars With The Boom” over Gary Numan’s new wave rock song “Cars” (1979) with a bit of the Beatles’ “Drive My Car” (1965) thrown in. Who knew that three songs about cars could sound so good together?


Bunny D and Lady Tigra, 1990.

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