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This song went to #15 on the American R&B charts in 2005. It has an amazing music video, not currently (2013) available on YouTube.


(whoa yes wait-a, whoa yes)
Okay (get up, get up)
DipSet (wa-a-a, wa-a) (uh oh)
Juelz Santana (whoa yes wait-a)
Heatmakerz (whoa yes)(clap)
I think this the one right here (everybody, come on, get up)(whoa yes wait a minute mr mr mr)
Huh, he’s moving again
I’m like (oh yes)
I’m nice (wait mr mr)
Still pitching (weight)
Still flipping (weight), yeah
So come fuck with the boy
I’m still pumping the boy
I’ll still dump on the boy
Blue steel pump to the boy
I’m Mr. Postman, also Mr. Toastman
I’m yelling (wait), yeah I’m selling (weight), hey
I keep my chick on smash like a muhfucker
Thick lips, hips, tits, ass like a muhfucker
I get big chips, cash like a muhfucker(yup)
I don’t (wait), nope, I won’t (wait), yeah
I explore and cruise
Islands and shores that’s new(new)
Bring the boat out, smoke out
Watch the water move(move)
I’m a water dude, jet skis, water pools
Surfing the (wave), I’m hurting the (wave),yeah
Like, Cowabunga, dude
This forty cali-caliber cowabunga you
Bump you like how a bumper do (do)
I’m on the corner, pumping just like how a pumper do
What, that (weight), yup, that (weight)
AY (oh yes) YAE(oh yes) SAY (oh yes, wait a minute this the this-the-this)
This the jam, yep
Put your hands up
And just (wave)
And just (wave)
AY (oh yes) YAE (oh yes) SAY (oh yes, wait a minute this the this-the-this)

I’m Mr. Postman, also Mr. Toastman
Oh man (wait), oh man (wait)
I’m Mr. Postman, also Mr. Toastman
Oh man (I’m back), oh man (I’m back)
I’m back(oh yes)
I’m crack(oh yes)
Sorry about the (wait)
Sorry I made ya (wait)
I can’t let my peeps down, I can’t let my seed down
They need me out there (yeah)
I can’t let the streets down
I gotta do it B I, G now, I see now
I couldn’t (wait), nope, I couldn’t (wait) AYE
Plus the ladies love the (kid)
Plus the babies love the (kid)
Could it be I’m from the eighties
They know what I’m up a-(gainst)
Call me a grinder, call me a survivor
Why should I (wait), how could I (wait), NO
Plus I’m a sex symbol (symbol)
That’ll make your bitch bed tremble
Floor shake, bar rock, hard cock (cock)
Hit it left once, right twice, work the middle
Stroke her (wait), then I smoke a (weight)

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