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Lisa Bonet (1967- ) is an American actress best known for playing Cosby Kid Denise Huxtable on “The Cosby Show” and “A Different World” in the 1980s. On the day she turned 20 she ran off with a rock musician, Lenny Kravitz, to get married. It did not last but they had a daughter, Zoe Kravitz, in 1988.

Since then she has had some small parts in mostly small films, but she did star with Will Smith in “Enemy of the State” (1998 ) and appeared in “High Fidelity” (2000).

I loved her as Denise Huxtable. I was into her. She was not just beautiful and great to look at, she was also like me back then: confused, well-meaning but hopelessly self-centred, the same ISFP personality. In “Enemy of the State” I could not take my eyes off of her.

She had a fashion sense of her own, so even her clothes were interesting to look at. It makes her seem less dated than the other Cosby characters.

Like Lenny Kravitz she is half-black, half-Jewish: her father, a music teacher, is black and her mother is Jewish. They split up when she was little. She was born in San Francisco but grew up mainly in New York and Los Angeles.

She felt like the black sheep of the family: after her father left, she was a black child in a white family. Her grandmother was racist.

Although her parents were atheists, her two best friends growing up were God and her dog. She is Jewish by race but not by religion.

At 11 she started appearing in television ads. In 1984 when she was 16 she was on “The Cosby Show”, which became the number one television show in America.

In 1987 she wanted to get rid of her good girl image, so she appeared in “Angel Heart” in love scenes with Mickey Rourke, some of which had to be cut to keep the film from becoming X-rated. She lost her good girl image but she also lost her part on “Cosby”.

Bill Cosby, however, put her in another show, “A Different World”. Same character but this time away from home at college. After awhile she started coming in late to the studio or not at all. In 1991 she was fired. This was at about the same time she was breaking up with Lenny Kravitz.

When she met Lenny Kravitz she was famous, he was not. He only became famous later. His first two albums, “Let Love Rule” (1989) and “Mama Said” (1991), are partly about her. His star was rising just as hers was falling.

They split up in 1991 and divorced in 1993. It was a rough marriage. She said he was not faithful. That is the trouble with rock stars.

She got sick of Hollywood and cut back on her acting to spend more time with her children. She has at least two: Zoe and Lola, born in 2007 with actor Jason Momoa

For palindrome fans: “Lisa Bonet ate no basil.”

She says, “It’s okay to be a freak”. (Not a palindrome.)

She practises yoga and does not eat meat.

– Abagond, 2008, 2015.

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