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This sums it up for me! How can anyone take Hillary Clinton seriously any more as someone fit to be president?

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Dear Hillary Clinton:

Please drop out of the race for president. Now. For the good of the country. For the good of the party. For the good of your own name.

Face it: you cannot win at this point. Even if you got enough superdelegates, it would be a poisoned victory: too many blacks would sit out the election. You would lose anyway. You know it. And you would lose any chance of 2012.

Every day you stay in the race you are helping John McCain. Every day you stay in the race, you are dividing the party and giving it less time to become whole again. Every day you stay in the race you are eating away at your chances for 2012.

It is better to drop out now with grace for the good of the party, than be forced to it by Barack Obama, who will defeat you soundly in time.

You need to do everything you can to bring the party back together. You need to do everything you can to help Obama win. People are beginning to think you are putting yourself above the party. That is not good for the Democrats or for your own future.

You need to say you are sorry for all the unfortunate things you and your supporters have said that makes you seem racist. Like that Obama is just a black candidate. Or that hard-working Americans, meaning white Americans, love you. I know that is not how they were said, but that is how they came off to too many people.

By courting the white vote so openly you are cheapening yourself in everyone's eyes. It is sad to watch. You are becoming George Wallace in a pantsuit.

Just a bit of advice from this one voter: if you run in 2012, you need to be yourself, speak honestly, take the high road and put the interests of the country first. That is what Obama and McCain did for the most part. You did not - or at least it did not seem like you did.

People want a president they can look up to. You have lost a great deal of respect over the past months.

I am an Obama supporter. So, yes, I am saying this for his sake. But the time has come for you to support him too and bring the party together. You fought hard, but now is the time to fight for the party. It needs you.

I know Eleanor Roosevelt is one of your heroes. Think what she would do in this case.

I am sending this to you by email and post. I am also putting it on my blog. I hope you get to read it. I am hardly the only one out here who feels this way.

You can always reach me at abagond at gmail dot com.

Good luck and God be with you.

Tue May 13 23:12:42 UTC 2008

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On the news you keep hearing how there are all these people who will never vote for Hillary Clinton to be the next American president. No matter what. She has “high negatives” they say, but they never seem to get into it. Yet it is shaping the election as surely as Iraq or healthcare. What is going on?

I do not know why so many people hate her, but here is why I hate her:

It has nothing to do with her policies or positions. I voted for her husband and hope to vote for Obama, so it is not that. It is how she comes across as a person.

Here is how she seems to me (this might be partly a man thing since women do not seem to be so hard on her):

The feelings she shows do not ring true. Her smile is false, her joy is forced, her tears are staged, her concern is practised and her words a little too well chosen. Her heart is made of ice – if she has one. Hillary reptilicus. Dick Cheney’s long lost little sister.

I cannot trust such a person.

That self-satisfied look on her face does not help either. It makes me think she is either laughing at us or looking down on us. Maybe both.

On top of that she seems like the sort who will stop at nothing to get her way, who will step on whoever she has to. Even her kindergarten teacher. Sending her moneymen after Pelosi this week only made me think I am right about all this.

With Obama and McCain you get the feeling that they truly do want to help the country. You may not agree with their ideas, but you know they mean well and will do their best. They would be honoured to serve their country.

With Hillary it is not like that. It is not so much about helping the country as about Her Being President. Queen Hillary. She will help the country, sure, but that kind of comes second.

When she cried in New Hampshire – well, teared up – it made me like her even less. As a man all it did was bring to mind all the times women have used their tears on me to get their way. I hate it because it works.

Hillary Clinton’s best and most honourable moment was when she stood by her husband after it came out he was having an affair with Monica Lewinsky. That took courage. It made her seem human.

But compared to, say, New York governor Eliot Spitzer’s wife the other week, it now seems staged and just as much an act as all the rest of her road show. Instead of her shining moment it becomes her ugliest: it meant she was sticking by her husband because her cold heart needed to hold onto the Clinton name to become president some day.

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