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Nikki Alexander (1983- ), better known as Hoopz, is an American hip hip model. In 2006 she won the first season of the television show “Flavor of Love” on VH1. Hoopz is the name Flavor Flav gave her because she likes to play baseketball.

In August 2008 she was in “I Love Money”, another reality show on VH1, and in September she will appear on the cover of King magazine.

Most of the women on “Flavor of Love” are more body than beauty and seem more interested in becoming rich and famous than being with Flavor Flav – who, admittedly, is old enough to be their father. But Hoopz seemed different. From what I saw of the show, she had beauty and seemed to have a sense of dignity, a rare thing in reality television. She seemed to like Flavor Flav for himself.

The point of the show was to find Flavor Flav a girlfriend, but they were already casting for season two before season one was done. Hoopz said she was never in love with Flav – none of the women on the show were, not even New York. It is all just made-up for television.

She hated New York, who came in second.

Even before “Flavor of Love” she was not a complete unknown. She was an Internet model and in 2005 she won King magazine’s Web Girl of the Month. She was also in a Will Smith video and later appeared in Big Tigger’s 2006 swimsuit calendar as Miss April.

She has modelled for Titanium Girlz and Eye Candy Modeling.

Like most hip hop models who have reached this stage she is working on becoming an actress – a hard jump to make.

She has a good figure, but most of all, she has beautiful eyes. Her reported measurements are 34C-24-36 inches (86-61-91 cm). That gives her a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.67. She is 5 foot 2 tall (1.57 m).

She grew up just outside of Detroit, the oldest of six daughters. Her father is black, her mother is Italian-American. She looks kind of like the Hollywood actress Stacey Dash (whose mother is Mexican).

She has appeared in at least two music videos:

  • Will Smith: Party Starter (2005)
  • Lil Keke: Chunk Up the Deuce (2006)

Some say she had an affair with T.I. His girlfriend, Tiny of Xscape, was certainly afraid it might be true: she pulled him away from Hoopz at a party and then later bad-mouthed her on the radio. When Hoopz was later asked if she had an affair with T.I. she would only say, “That’s my homeboy; we just cool.”

In 2006 she was arrested for fighting with a policeman. The police came to her house when her neighbours complained of loud music. She was speaking her mind when one of the policemen “grabbed me by me neck and I just remember flying down these steps. While I’m falling, I gripped on to him and we fall. Now we wrestling and two more cop guys come and jump on me”.

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Chandra Lewis (1978- ), better known as Deelishis and also called London Charles, was the winner of the second season of “Flavor of Love” in 2006. She has since come out with a song, “Rumpshaker” (yes), and is working on more songs with Busta Rhymes. She wants to become an actress too. She had a small part in “Queen of Media” (2008), the film about Wendy Williams.

Flavor Flav gave her the name Deelishis because she has a nice, big bottom. She says it is a blessing and a curse. Her measurements are 36-26-45 inches (91-66-114 cm). She is just a bit bigger than Buffie the Body (36-26-44). That gives her a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of 0.58. On top of that she has a sweet face that is sometimes beautiful.

She thanks her male fans for their “constant appreciation of the female anatomy” and for “telling me I was beautiful regardless of my scars.”

She was in a bad car accident that left scars on her arms and chest. She does not want to remove them: they are to remind her that she is supposed to be alive.

She beat out New York on “Flavor of Love”, who was back for a second time. Flav was looking for someone who truly liked him and Deelishis seemed to.

Yet after the show he barely spoke to her. He said she was too busy with her new clothing line. She says he changed his telephone number and was more interested in doing a third season of “Flavor of Love” than in being with her. The mother of his latest child may have had a hand in it too.

At first it seemed that she wanted to be with him and maybe even marry him. But as time went on she began to say that it was just a show and they were just playing characters for our entertainment. Yet she does seem hurt by it, so I think she was serious about him.

She says she has never had sex with him, though it seems like they did everything short of it.

People ask how could she want such an ugly man. She said you would be surprised. Sometimes you see ugly men with beautiful women – because they have a way with them.

She is so big in the back that she has to alter the blue jeans she buys. So once she became famous she came out with her own line of D-Cut Jeans.

“Flavor of Love” made her famous, but now she finds it hard to shake her image from that show.

Although she has the body of a video vixen, so far as I know she has only been in one music video, Paul Wall’s “Break ‘Em Off” (2007). She has, however, appeared in at least Smooth and Sweets magazines. She has also done the sex advice column in Smooth.

Some say that she was the girlfriend of Busta Rhymes, that her daughter Jasmine is his. She denies it and says they are just good friends.


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“Flavor of Love” (2006- ) is an American television show on VH1. It features Flavor Flav, a has-been rapper, in his search for a woman who will truly love him – or something reasonably romantical. At the start of each season he has 20 women to choose from. Every week he kicks off one woman until only one is left standing.

Even though the show is completely tasteless it is like a bad car accident: you do not want to look but it is hard not to.

The show puts blacks in a bad light as brainless and ill-mannered (Flav and most of the women are black), yet it has been able to pull in as much as a third of all blacks watching television in its hour!

It is one of VH1’s most successful shows. Three other shows have come out of it: “I Love New York”, “Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School” and “I Love Money: Challenge Show”.

BET, the main black cable channel in America, has never had a weekly show this big. It too has put out tasteless shows in hopes of getting bigger audiences, but without any luck.


Flavor Flav picks 20 women from the hundreds who try out. He gives the chosen women nicknames, like New York, Hoopz, Bootz, Buckeey, Hotlanta and Deelishis. That becomes their names on the show.

A few of the women are truly beautiful, like Hoopz, but most are more body than beauty.

The women’s motives are questionable. Since Flav is ugly and old enough to be their father, we have to assume that either they are after his money (does he have any?) or, more likely, the chance to be on television and maybe become famous.

So Flav’s challenge becomes to find which woman, if any, has a true heart. Sometimes he calls in help from his mother or an old girlfriend.

New York

Flavor Flav was a rapper in Public Enemy, a well-respected hip hop act from the late 1980s and early 1990s. He likes to wear a clock, Viking horns and call out his name: “FLAY vuh FLAVE!” And say, “Wow”.

Flav and the women live in a big house in California. It has two dinosaurs in front, each wearing a clock and Viking horns. Of course.

Like a minstrel show, “Flavor of Love” holds up certain stereotypes of blacks for laughs: Flav as a coon, New York as a Sapphire and so on.

It is called a reality show, meaning the lines are unscripted. But just how out of touch the show is became clear when New York’s mother came to visit. New York told her mother that she loooves Flav and wants to marry him. Her mother took one look at Flav and said the man was a clown: he is 48 years old and wears a large clock!


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