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Sabrina LeBeauf (1958- ), commonly misspelled as “Le Beauf”, “LaBeauf” or even “LeBeuf”, is an American actress. She is best known as a Cosby Kid, playing Sondra Huxtable, the oldest daughter on “The Cosby Show” from the 1980s.

She played Sondra Huxtable from 1984 to 1992. Her character was added later. Bill Cosby wanted to show children at all stages, but there was no character who was married with children. Sondra was loosely based on his own daughter Erika.

In 1987 Sondra married Elvin Tibideaux, who always seemed a bit lost. They had twins in 1988, Winnie and Nelson, named after the Mandelas.

LeBeauf was only ten years younger than Phylicia Rashad, who played her mother. Rashad was playing a slightly older character while LeBeauf played one six years younger than herself.

Bill Cosby offered the part of Sondra to Whitney Houston, but she was too busy becoming a singer. So LeBeauf got it instead.

It was the first big part she got after coming out of Yale School of Drama. She has not been able to match it since.

Being a has-been, maybe you think LeBeauf has become a bitter, washed-up drunk who is stuck on herself, living in the past. Nothing like that. She seems to be very down to earth and accepts what life gives her with good grace.

When she walks down the street these days some people know who she is, but some think she is someone they grew up with! Which is true in a way. It was not till long after “Cosby” that LeBeauf saw how deeply the show had affected people.

After “The Cosby Show” she went back to school to learn interior design. She now lives in New York and runs an interior design business.

She still does stage acting, especially Shakespeare. She once played Rosaline in go-go boots in “Love’s Labour Lost”. She also played sweet Cordelia in “King Lear”. As it turns out, it is closer to what she learned at Yale than “The Cosby Show”.

She was once on “Star Trek”. She played Ensign Giusti on the two-part episode “Gambit” on “Star Trek: The Next Generation”. It first appeared on television in October 1993.

She also played the voice of Norma Bindlebeep in the animated show “Fatherhood” (2004).

She knows Angela Bassett and Charles S. Dutton from her days at Yale.

She grew up in Los Angeles but was born in New Orleans. She is Creole like Lisa Bonet and Beyonce, meaning part of her family has been in Louisiana since the days of the French. Her father is black and her mother is white (according to mixiechick.com).

She lived in India for a month. She credits that with making her a stronger woman and a stronger person. But even before she went to India she said she could see the guru in a blade of grass or the sunrise.

She loves Indian food and does not eat meat. She supports animal rights. And Barack Obama.

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