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No Slappz is a commenter on this blog. I am thinking hard about banning him. On the one hand he says all kinds of brainless, racist things and yet he sticks by the letter of my comment policy: he never says a bad word, calls no one names, etc, like most trolls do. His comments rarely wind up in the moderation queue.

I tried holding an argument with him, but there is no getting through to him: he only believes what he wants to believe. He completely sidesteps or dismisses facts that go against his beliefs. He is so delusional that sometimes I think he must be a patient at a mental hospital.

Matty Boy, on No Slappz’s own blog, put it best:

His failure as a critical thinker is easily summed up in a single sentence. “It is true because I want it to be true.” All evidence to the contrary is to be ignored when no_slappz has already made up his mind. There is no man made component to climate change because no_slappz does not want there to be a man made component. Deregulation is always good because no_slappz’ world would be meaningless if this religious tenet was taken away. Never mind that the high priest of deregulation, Alan Greenspan, has had to admit this cult’s abysmal failure in public. No_slappz is like some poor sap of a Japanese soldier, still stuck on some tiny island in 1950, unaware that the war is over and his side has surrendered.

Some of the stuff No Slappz has said:

  • Native Americans were not uprooted from their homelands.
  • Success is not affected by how one looks – unless you are a model.
  • Philip Roth was wrong when he said his book “The Human Stain” was not about Anatole Broyard.
  • Asian Americans do not experience racism – because they are good at mathematics.
  • Muslims and blacks are incapable of coming up with great inventions.
  • Low black reading and math scores in the New York City public schools has nothing to do with racism.

I disagree with those positions, but there is absolutely nothing wrong in holding any of them – so long as you are willing to seriously and honestly defend them with facts and reasons and not pick and choose the facts that suit you. Or completely sidestep arguments against them – and then act as if you won.

I want to have a comment policy that does not favour one set of ideas over another. I do not mind if people disagree with me. But if they are not serious and just want to use my blog to spam their brainless opinions, well, I cannot go for that. But how do I make that into a rule that is clear and objective?

If most people do not want to ban him, then it will be out of the question. But if most do, then I will think long and hard about it. That is where your comments will be helpful.

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New comment policy


Last update: August 11th 2009.

I hate deleting comments. I believe in letting everyone have their say, even if it gets ugly and uncomfortable. But I have learned the hard way that I do have to set some guidelines.

I reserve the right to delete comments that:

  1. Are way off topic.
  2. Sell something.
  3. Use bad language.
  4. Call names or put down other commenters, like by questioning their age, education or intelligence.
  5. Are not in English.
  6. Are plagiarized.

If you keep posting comments that I have to delete, I will mark you as a source of spam.

Your comment will thrown to moderation if you use three or more links or one of these bad words:

cock, cracker, cunt, dick, fuck, gook, kaffir, motherfucker, nazi, nigger, piss, pussy, shit, spic, tits, whitey.

It will take anywhere from a few minutes to 24 hours to appear, assuming I approve it.

If I see two comments in a row that seem almost the same, then I will assume the second one is a correction and delete the first one.

I sometimes edit comments for readability, like using paragraphs and correct spelling, but I do not shorten them or take anything out.

I do not want to punish or limit ideas. These rules do not punish ideas but  certain ways of expressing them. In my experience those who express their ideas in these ways are not all that serious to begin with – they are just using comments as a way of making themselves feel good by showing off or cutting down others.

If you have questions or suggestions about my comment policy, then please comment below or contact me.

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