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image_thumb7Womanist Musings had a good answer to all those white people who think that people of colour (POC) would just be so pitiful and lost if white people had not come along and saved the day. Here is a bit of it:

What would we have done had Whiteness not colonized the Americas, while in the process nearly eradicating our Native American citizens? Those of us that are of color should bow down at the feet of Whiteness because heavens knows we have never ever contributed anything to society except too many babies and a high crime rate. We will just ignore the fact that the inner cities were created by White flight and that they are largely populated with poor. Gee, a little thing like income disparity and racism have nothing at all to do with elevated crime rates …we darkies were just born bad.

Whiteness continues to present a biased view of bodies of color to ensure that we remain secondary citizens. Purposefully ignoring our work or outright theft, (ask Little Richard) has been standard operating procedure. It has caused many of us to doubt our value, underachieve and internalize racist connotations. […] If Whiteness were perfect in its inception there would be need to create systems that are specifically designed to minimize POC. I suspect that it is the very possibility that Whiteness is not naturally fit to lead, that produces fear driven protestations and false reasoning.

Read the whole thing at Womanist Musings.

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