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Denise Milani

White Goddess (2008- ), formerly known as White Meat, is a white woman worship blog  run by a black man who calls himself tnameat on WordPress and Professor Fenwick on YouTube.  His blog is full of pictures and videos of white women, particularly those with large naked breasts. He has posts about why white women are the best and argues that black women’s bottoms and their cooking are not as good as people think.

In a video called “European Features White Women are Fantastic Part 3”, Professor Fenwick plays Beethoven and shows us pictures of Bianca Holland, a beautiful Puerto Rican swimsuit model. He says she is living poetry, that her beauty nearly brings tears to his eyes, that he has been thinking about her all week. She looks like this:


He says she is beautiful because she has European green eyes and European hair.

One commenter advised:

lol if this is not self hating i don’t know what is get it together bro..

There are black men who prefer white women to black women. That is not news. There are black men who are fed up with how black women act and say white women are way nicer. That is not news either. But there is more than that going on here.

A post called “A Tribute to My Salvation” starts with these “beautiful words”:

There is no love that is equal to the love that a black man can have for a white woman. As black men we have been privileged to have a view of your eminence in a way that is unique only to the American experience.

You have a sense of confidence and self understanding that no other woman can share, because from your earliest experiences, you knew that you were special. While understanding what sets you apart from other women, your exceptional love and compassion forces you to dim your own light as not to burden them with your greatness.

You could argue that I am just so many bad dates away from creating a white goddess website myself, but I would never write something like that unless I had either lost my mind or meant it as a bitter, sarcastic joke.

At least two other things point to some kind of joke:

  1. His WordPress username, tnameat – tits-and-ass meat – also seems to be part of  a joke. Who calls himself that with a straight face?
  2. When he wanted to change the name of the blog from White Meat to something more respectable, one of the choices was “Bluest Eye”. That is the name of a Toni Morrison book about black self-hatred caused by white ideas of beauty!

For a while I thought the Professor was a black woman, but his taste in white women is too close to my own. Come to think of it, it is just the sort of blog I would do if I struck out with black women and tried to talk myself into making do with white women.

Thanks to Sweetme1993 for bringing this website to my attention.

Postscript: By comment #34 it was clear to me that the Professor is dead serious. His blog is not satire at all! As blaqueconscious put it, he is “a racist white man stuck in a biracial man’s body”. His mother is white.

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Buzzomatic Tech

youtube_truckBuzzomatic Tech is my fourth and latest addition to my little empire of blogs. It is built and works just like Buzzomatic, which I started last week, but it follows tech blogs and tech news instead, the part that interests me. It is just something I am trying out to see how it goes.

While it looks like I will keep up Buzzomatic as long as I can, Buzzomatic Tech might be short-lived: the Internet is bursting with this kind of news. Most likely after a few weeks of doing Buzzomatic Tech I will discover which blogs and news websites are the best and just follow them instead.

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naomi_campbell_01jun04Buzzomatic is a blog I started yesterday, my third to date: buzzomatic.blogspot.com. It is a way for me to easily keep up on the buzz, the news, in my corner of the blogosphere and to save stuff for reading later. Through it I just found out that Caroline Kennedy will be running for the Senate – great news!

On the right-hand side of the home page is the list of the 28 blogs that appear in at least four blogrolls with me, meaning that these are blogs that are both good and have interests like mine. After all, at least four bloggers who like me like them too. I came up with this list of the 28 blogs the other day in my post “Blogs you might like”.

I put Buzzomatic on Blogger because it has a cool sort of blogroll where you can list blogs according to how long ago they were last updated. You can even have it show the picture, title and first sentence or so of the post.

That makes it way easier to keep up on 28 different blogs and far less likely that I will miss something. Which is great. That is why I call it “Buzzomatic” because it makes keeping up with the buzz more automatic.

I know there are websites that do this sort of thing already. I even saw one even for black blogs. But the advantage of Buzzomatic is that it fits my interests more closely than any of those ever could.

The point is to have something that cuts out all the stuff I am probably not interested in and yet keeps the stuff I am most likely to be interested in and which, on my own, would take days or months or forever to discover.

In the middle of the home page are featured posts. I only feature the ones that I am interested in and want to save before they disappear from the blogroll. And, just to see how it turns out, I am also featuring posts on any subject that appears at least three times in the blogroll – whether I am interested in it or not.

I can create a featured post in about five minutes: I copy the title, the first four sentences or so, the picture and the link. If there is no picture, I find one that is suitable. It is like a close-up view of the more interesting bits of the blogroll.

I hope to feature one post a day or at least a few a week. We will see how it goes.

If all goes well I might start a second one, this one on smartphones or something.

And, if Buzzomatic is here to stay, then I will work on making it more automatic. For example, it should not be too hard to write a computer program that could create a post for the hottest keyword in the blogroll, something that could make reasonable choices and work even when I am away or too busy or too sick.

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Blogs to check out

People who like this blog also tend to like these:

How I know this: these are the blogs that most commonly appear in blogrolls with me.

The Angry Black Woman has appeared with me four times, the Field Negro three time and the others twice. Does that make me Abagond, the Angry Field Negro?

I already knew about some of these and you can see them in my blogroll, but the others I have yet to go through myself.

This is based on the 11 blogs I know of that have me in their blogrolls. There are probably some others. Since they like me, you might like them too (some of these I just found out about myself):

I am not in the blogroll of this next blog, but it has linked to me and is very good, easily one of the ten best blogs I have ever seen on the Internet:

Ann and I have written about some of the very same things, so I know how deep and good her posts are.


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