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bloggingIf you like this blog, there is a good chance you will like some of these:

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How I know this: these are the blogs that most commonly appear in blogrolls with me. So bloggers who like me also tend to like these blogs as well. The number after each blog is the number of times I have appeared with it in a blogroll.

This is based on the 34 blogs I know of that have me in their blogroll. I did the same exercise last April when I was only in 11 blogrolls. Then the top blog was Angry Black Woman, who appeared with me in 4 lists, and second was the Field Negro, who appeared with me in 3.

Seven of these – the ones I put stars next to – also appear in the top 28 of another list: the Electronic Villager’s Black Blog Rankings for December 1st 2008. He has made a list of about 1500 black blogs that he knows of and ranked them according to their Technorati ratings.

Your Technorati rating is determined by how many blogs have linked to you in the past six months. If a high-scoring blog links to you, that helps your score that much  more. It is a measure (an imperfect one) of how important your blog is.

Some of the blogs at the top of the Villager’s list are probably among the top blogs among black Americans, but not all of them. That is for two reasons:

  1. A higher Technorati score does not always mean more visitors.
  2. A higher score can come from links from white blogs just as easily as it can come from black ones. The score is an overall measure of how important your blog is, but not who it is important to.

A good example is Pam’s House Blend at number one on the Villager’s list. It only gets twice as many visitors as I do – surprisingly low for such a highly ranked blog. And, although its blogger is black, it appeals more to whites than to blacks (according to Quantcast). And it is that white appeal that helped to get it its high score, picking up links from the likes of the Huffington Post.

So the top blogs in the Villager’s list are the most important blogs in blogdom done by blacks, but that does not mean they are not necessarily the most important to black audiences.

I think my list was built in a better way, though it is only good for the particular corner of the blogosphere where I find myself.

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