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Vida Guerra (1974- ) is a Cuban American video vixen or hip hop model, best known for her beautiful bottom. She first appeared in 2002, in FHM magazine as an “ordinary babe” in lingerie. She was a nobody then, but readers liked her so much that FHM brought her back. Soon she was appearing in King, Smooth, Black Men and Playboy (July 2006) as well as some music videos, like “Shake Ya Tailfeather” in the summer of 2003.

In 2004 she was FHM magazine’s Model of the Year.

In 2006 she was Black Men magazine’s Sexiest Woman of the Year.

AskMen.com puts her somewhere in the 60s between Fergie and Carrie Underwood.

She is a Latin beauty with white skin, long black hair, high cheekbones and a great figure: her measurements are 34C-25-37 (86-64-94 cm). That gives her a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of 0.68. She is 5 foot 3 (1.60 metres) and 115 pounds (52 kg). In person she looks shorter and older than her pictures.

Given her success at both FHM and Black Men magazine it seems she appeals to both black men and white men in America. In fact, her look is right between black and white ideas of female beauty.

For example, her WHR of 0.68 makes her just thick enough for most black men but still thin enough for most white men.

There are plenty of black models with bigger bottoms than her, like Buffie, Bria and Angel, but they seem to be too big for most white men. Vida is just right: not too big, not too small.

Her skin colour too: white. If she looked at all black, like Melyssa Ford or Esther Baxter, she would lose many of her white male fans. On the other hand, if she were Anglo instead of Latin American, she might be “too white” for some black men. That is how it seems. So again, she stands right in the middle.

But if she is white, why did Black Men magazine pick her as their Sexiest Woman of the Year? Over the years they have tried out different sorts of women to see what sort of beauty works in practice among black men in all parts of America and the West Indies. They found that what plays best are light-skinned women with long black hair and big bottoms. Like Melyssa Ford. Or Vida Guerra.

Vida Guerra was born in Havana Cuba. Her family came to America in 1980 when she was six. They lived in Perth Amboy, New Jersey near New York.

She has always loved modelling, but did not get her big break till she was 28, which is old for a model.

She heard that FHM wanted to do pictures of “everyday babes” in lingerie. She sent in her pictures and the rest is history.

She is trying to get into singing and acting, but with little success so far.

In 2005 some naked pictures of her got out on the Internet. She said someone broke into her mobile phone, but her record company at the time said she was behind it and dropped her.

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Jourdan Dunn (August 3rd 1990- ) is a British model from London. Now 17, some say she is set to become the next Naomi Campbell, the next big black supermodel. She will be on the cover of the July 2008 issues of both American Vogue and Italian Vogue. The Italian one will be the first all-black Vogue ever.

In 2008 she became the first black woman in 11 years to model for Prada. The last one before her was Naomi Campbell in 1997.

She has helped to turn modelling away from the issue of weight towards that of race. As someone said, she has made black the new black

Dunn is in great demand: she has been on dozens of catwalks in London, Paris, Milan and New York in the past year. She started modelling only in February 2007.

She was discovered in 2006 by the Storm model agency, the same one that found Kate Moss. They discovered Dunn in a Primark in Kings Mall in London trying on sunglasses with her friend.

She is from the Greenford part of West London, where she lived with her mother and two younger brothers. Her heroes growing up were Tyra Banks and Naomi Campbell. People thought she was simple-minded when she told them she wanted to be a model.

Now in 2008 she lives in New York and is with the Women Management agency.

Even though the fashion industry is Hitler white, casting directors and clothes designers have been falling over each other to have her model for them. It seems they like her presence and grace, the way her long neck, eyes and high cheekbones give her an otherworldly look.

She has noticed the lack of women of colour in the fashion industry:

London’s not a white city, so why should all our castings be white? I go to castings and see several black and Asian girls, then I get to the show and look around and there’s just me and maybe one other coloured face. They just don’t get picked. I hope it’s because the designer just didn’t think they were good enough as a model, but I don’t know.

She wants to do something about it when she gets older:

I’m really ambitious. When I go back into education, I’m going to do business studies. Naomi’s idea is good; I’d do an agency for black girls and Asian and Spanish, because there aren’t enough of them on the runway either.

She is 5 foot 10 (1.78 metres). Her measurements are 33-24-35 inches (83-60-89 cm), giving her a waist-to-hip ratio of 0.67. She says her best feature is her legs.

She says, “I am one of those lucky people who can eat anything and don’t put on weight.”

She seems like a sweet, down-to-earth girl who has not let her sudden success go to her head. At least not yet.

She is friends with Emanuela de Paula of Brazil and Honorine Uwera of Rwanda.

On television she likes to watch “The Eastenders”.

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In the July 2008 issue of Vogue Italia, an Italian fashion magazine, all the models will be black! I thought I would never live to see such a thing! As long as I can remember Vogue has been telling the world that thin white women are the most beautiful – and most of the world seems to believe it. But now this! It makes my heart sing!

I do not read Vogue and my wife assures me I have no fashion sense, but I still want my own copy when it comes out in June! I know it sounds kind of nuts, but it is almost as if the world will be black for a day.

The cover will fold out and show Liya Kebede, Sessilee Lopez, Jourdan Dunn and Naomi Campbell.

So far we know at least these models will be in the magazine:

  • Chanel Iman
  • Iman
  • Naomi Campbell (20 pictures)
  • Alek Wek
  • Alva Chin
  • Arlenis Sosa Pena
  • Gail O’Neil
  • Karen Alexander
  • Tyra Banks
  • Veronica Webb
  • Yasmin Warsame
  • Liya Kebede
  • Jourdan Dunn
  • Sessilee Lopez
  • Toccara Jones
  • Pat Cleveland

Jourdan Dunn said not too long ago about race and fashion:

London’s not a white city, so why should all our castings be white? I go to castings and see several black and Asian girls, then I get to the show and look around and there’s just me and maybe one other coloured face. They just don’t get picked. I hope it’s because the designer just didn’t think they were good enough as a model, but I don’t know.

Franca Sozzoni, the editor, agrees. When asked why she is doing an all-black Vogue, she said: “Because nobody is using black girls. I see so many beautiful girls and they were complaining that they are not used enough.”

When asked what if the issue fails because not enough Italians buy it, she said, “Maybe in our country it is not the best idea. But I don’t care. I think it is not my problem if they don’t like it – it’s their problem.” She is great!

Steven Meisel, who has already shot all the pictures for the issue and will be given 100 pages, is all for it too. He is one of Vogue’s top photographers, the one who did Madonna’s “Sex” book in 1992. He hopes an all-black Vogue will lead fashion magazines and designers to use more black models.

Iman, who probably has the best insight on this, is not getting her hopes up:

I still don’t like us (black models) to be a caricature. They’ll think, “Okay, we did it.” And then they’re done with it, and we’ll have to wait till next year … When you see commercials and movies and every other form of art in terms of entertainment, you never have this conversation. So it is so outdated. I can only say that one of the reasons is that models have never had unions, so there is no one to say, “This isn’t right.”

It is set to come out in Europe on June 26th, the following week worldwide.

Here is a video showing 49 pictures:

(video no longer available)

– Abagond, 2008.

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Twiggy (1949- ) was a British supermodel famous in the 1960s. Back then she seemed shockingly thin and boy-like, even to white people, but now most high fashion models are like that. Current ideas of thin as beautiful start with her.

Marshall McLuhan said, “Twiggy is an X-ray, not a picture.”

Diana Vreeland, the head of Vogue magazine in the 1960s said she was perfect: “the straightest legs, knees like little peaches, tiny narrow supple feet, rounded arms, and beautiful wrists and throat. She was both modern and romantic.”

When asked about her figure Twiggy said, “It’s not really what you call a figure, is it?

But what mattered most was not what McLuhan, Twiggy or even Vreeland thought, but what the fashion designers thought. They loved her figure, or the lack of it: she made their clothes look so wonderful.

Her height was 1.69 metres (5 foot 6.5 inches), her weight, 41 kg (90 pounds) and her measurements, 81-58-81 cm (32AA-23-32). She barely had any breasts. She was anorexic-thin without being anorexic: she ate like a horse.

Growing up, Twiggy hated her figure: “You were supposed to look like Brenda Lee, very curvy and round, pointed breasts and pointed-toe shoes,” she said. She only started to like her figure once it made her rich and famous.

She was so thin that the other children called her “Twigs”. No matter how much she ate she did not gain much weight. Her mother took her to the doctor to see what was wrong. Nothing was wrong: it was just the way she was.

Born Lesley Hornby, she grew up in north London. By age 15 she had dropped out of school and worked for a hairdresser. Against her mother’s wishes she took up with a man ten years older than her, Nigel Davies.

But Davies was no ordinary man: against all common sense of the time, he thought she could become a model. He had her hair cut short and put her picture in shop windows. Her look caught on. By 1966 the Daily Express called her “The Face of 66”. In 1967 she came to America and was famous overnight.

She spoke English not in the RP of the Queen and the rich, but in the Cockney of the ordinary people of London. She wore the new mod fashions of Mary Quant, who wanted to bring high fashion to the masses.

In 1970 Twiggy left modelling to sing and act. Most of her stuff is forgettable, but she was good in “My One and Only” with Tommy Tune on Broadway in the 1980s and in the film “The Boy Friend” (1971). One of her songs reached number 1 in Japan and another reached number 35 in Britain in 1977.

In the 2000s she was a judge on Tyra Banks’s television show “America’s Next Top Model”. She also modelled for Marks & Spencer, the British department store.

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Melyssa Ford (1976- ) was the highest paid video vixen from about 2000 to 2004. With a body better than Marilyn Monroe she appeared in music videos such as Jay-Z’s “Big Pimpin'”, Sisqo’s “Thong Song Remix” and Mystikal’s “Shake It Fast”. She has appeared in many swimsuit calendars and on the cover of men’s magazines like King, Smooth, Black Men and XXL Eye Candy. She is a sometime television show host on BET.

She has such an amazing body that some call her “Jessica Rabbit”. Her measurements are 34D-22-36 (86-56-91 cm). But she hates it! She used to cry herself to sleep because she did not look like the thin women on television. She cannot even lie flat on her back!

But she modelled in part to help change ideas about beauty: “What I do sends a message to full-figured black women that we are a part of the beauty standard, even though we’re not rail thin and white.”

She is a mix of Barbados, Russia and Norway. Her mother is white, her father, black. She is proud of being mixed.

The videos made her famous mainly among black men in America. She is little known in Canada, where she is from, and even black women in America say, “Who is Melyssa Ford?”

Now that she is studying acting and trying to break into Hollywood, her video girl past is something she has to live down. It keeps her from getting serious parts in television and film.

She grew up in Toronto, Canada. While at York University she worked at a bar. There she met Little X, a music video director. He put her in some music videos. That in turn got her in magazines. She left Canada and moved to New York. All she brought were two suitcases and $25 (three crowns). The rest is history. Now she drives a Mercedes Benz S500.

Despite her example, she tells women to stay in school. The music video industry is not what it used to be: “Now it’s about body parts and how well you can shake them. It’s not about the female. It’s not about appreciating the female.”

The Game informs us about Ford:

She a video vixen, but behind closed doors
She do whatever it take to get to the Grammy Awards

Ford says some video girls are loose like that, but most (like her) have enough self-respect.

For two years Ford wrote the sex advice column in Smooth magazine. She spoke her mind but did not perform any research. Every month about 50 men would ask to marry her.

Her music videos:

  • Rascalz: Northern Touch (1998 )
  • 112: Anywhere (1998 )
  • Choclair: Let’s Ride (1999)
  • Jay-Z: Big Pimpin’ (2000)
  • Ghostface Killah: Cherchez LaGhost (2000)
  • Mystikal: Shake It Fast (2000)
  • Sisqo: Thong Song Remix (2000)
  • Jadakiss: Knock Yourself Out (2001)
  • Alicia Keys: You Don’t Know My Name (2003)
  • Usher: Yeah! (2004)
  • R. Kelly: Happy People (2004)

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Lizz Robbins

Lizz Robbins (1974- ) is an American hip hop model. In 2005 she was chosen as King magazine’s first Web Girl of the Year. She has been JET magazine’s Beauty of the Week twice, in 2002 and 2005. She is now the spokesmodel for Remy Martin cognac. You see her cardboard cut-out in liquor stores all across America.

She looks like the girl next door – but with a great body: 36D-24-40 (91-61-102 cm). She is shorter than she looks: she is only 5 foot 3 (1.60 metres). She has lovely lips and a sweet smile.

In the five years that I have known about her she has always had long black hair. It may be natural: she is part Cherokee (Native American). She is also part black and Jamaican.

She is not tall enough and thin enough to be a fashion model. But she does look good in pictures – a fact she discovered in high school. She has a face and a body that can sell beer, liquor, clothing, men’s magazines and swimsuit calendars.

She has appeared in King, Smooth, Maxim (as one of the 100 hottest hometown girls in America) and in clothing ads in XXL. She has been a model for Toon Disney, the Lorenzo Collection and even the US Postal Service. You can see a picture of her in LL Cool J’s CD “Todd Smith”.

She has also been on television shows like “The Wire” and “The West Wing”. Her most notable part was when she played a lesbian once in “The Wire”.

She loves sports, even hockey. She would like to have a show on ESPN some day.

Even though she is a hip hop model, she has never appeared in a mainstream hip hop video.

She did not seriously think about going into modelling till high school when a friend of hers took some pictures of her. She has been modelling for more than 12 years.

In 2005 she came out with her own swimsuit calendar. That got her noticed by King magazine. Becoming King‘s Web Girl of the Year in turn got her noticed by Remy Martin.

Her advice to young women who want to get into modelling is to be patient, be careful, work with good photographers (ask for references!), work hard and, most of all, have faith in God.

She is belongs to Alpha Kappa Alpha.

She is now married.

She had an article in the Wikipedia for two and a half years. In November 2007 it was removed.

When she went to find out why, and what she could do about it, the powers that be at the Wikipedia spoke to her like she was a small, troublesome child. They even belittled some of her supporters for their lack of edits.

They told her she was not notable. Becoming the first Web Girl of the Year at King was not enough, but maybe if she won something like that at Maxim, that would be something.


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Kenya Moore (1971- ) is an American beauty who was Miss USA in 1993, the second black woman to win the title. She is also an actress, but even now, nearly 15 years later, she is still better known for her beauty than her acting.

She has beautiful eyes, a pretty face, deep, dark brown skin and a wonderful figure. She has long black hair from the Native Americans on her mother’s side of the family. So far as I know she is all natural.

She grew up in Detroit, brought up by her grandmother. She went to Cass Technical High School, the magnet school that Diana Ross went to – and Carole Gist too, the first black Miss USA!

After Cass, Moore studied psychology at Wayne State University and started modelling. She appeared in over 30 magazines and on the cover of at least Glamour, Seventeen, Ebony and Essence.

She entered beauty pageants too. In 1993 she won Miss Michigan and then Miss USA. She went to Mexico for the Miss Universe pageant. The Mexicans booed her as an American but she came in fifth place all the same.

After Miss Universe she gave up modelling: “I grew breasts. I had an ass. They didn’t want that on the runway!”

So she headed to Hollywood to become an actress.

She has had small parts on many television shows, like “Fresh Prince”, “The Steve Harvey Show” and “The Parenthood”.

She has also appeared in several films.

In “Waiting to Exhale” (1995) she was the other woman to Whitney Houston. She was in “Deliver Us from Eva” (2003), starring LL Cool J and Gabrielle Union, a friend of hers. She has been in several other films, most of them forgettable, some going straight to video. In 2007 she appeared in “I Know Who Killed Me” starring Lindsay Lohan.

Her best film so far is “Trois” (2000). She played the lead female character who agrees to have a threesome with her husband and another woman. Reviewers called her performance “memorable”, “impressive” and “riveting”. They also noticed her “striking looks”. She helped to produce the film. It did well for an independent, black film.

Moore says Hollywood is not what it seems. For example, she says that John Singleton would not give her a part in “Baby Boy” (2001) because she would not sleep with him. On top of that he made sure Fox never hired her. She says Union has had the same sort of trouble, but wonders about Sanaa Lathan.

She has appeared in only one music video: “Sweet Dreams” (1998 ) by Nas. She was his girlfriend both in the video and off the set. They went together for four months. But she says that after a while, “the parties and the hang-on girls and the spoils of new success took him away from me.”

In 2007 she came out with a new book, “Game, Get Some!” in which she tells men about women in sports terms. She also got married.

Last update: December 22nd 2007


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Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima (1981- ) is a Brazilian supermodel. Among Brazilian models only Gisele Bundchen makes more money. Lima is best known as a model for Victoria’s Secret. She is one of its “angels”, one of its Perfect 10 models. In 2003 she opened its television show.

In North America she is better known than the president of Brazil or her home city of Salvador in Bahia.

She is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world. She has made the most beautiful lists of the likes of FHM, Maxim, People, AskMen.com and Spike TV. When she appeared on the cover of GQ magazine in April 2006 it became their best-selling issue ever.
She has blue-green eyes, light brown skin, dark brown or black hair, thick lips and great legs. She is 1.79 metres tall (5 foot 10). Her measurements are 86-58-90 cm (34-23-35 inches), giving her more of a figure than most high fashion models, who tend to be unnaturally thin. She is a mix of Portuguese, French, African and native Indian. In Brazil she is seen simply as white.

She looks hot – yet innocent.
In 2006 she told GQ that, following her Catholic beliefs, she was still a virgin: “Sex is for after marriage. Men have to respect that this is my choice. If there’s no respect, that means they don’t want me.” She was first kissed at 17.

She has dated the likes of rock star Lenny Kravitz, the prince of Liechtenstein and baseball player Derek Jeter. She wants a man with a heart more than a man with style or money.

She is not only beautiful but rich. She makes about $4.5 million a year (360,000 crowns) – more than most people make in a lifetime.

She helps orphans in her hometown of Salvador. She has given money to clothe them and help extend an orphanage, Caminhos da Luz (“Roads of Light”). Her father had left her when she was little.

When she is not working she wears a T-shirt and blue jeans.

She loves to lie in the sun by the sea and read books by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

timessquareShe was discovered at age 13 while she was shopping in Salvador. She won Ford’s modelling contest for Brazil and in 1996 came in second worldwide. At age 16 she moved to New York and signed up with Elite, a modelling agency.

In the late 1990s she appeared in fashion magazines like Vogue and Marie Claire, but what got her noticed was when she appeared on a billboard for Vassarette in 2000 in Times Square in the middle of New York. She was wearing only black underwear.

That year she became the face of Guess? jeans. That made her name. From there she went on to work for Victoria Secret, Maybelline, Telecom Italia Mobile and Armani.

She has appeared on the runway for many different designers, like Vera Wang, Emanuel Ungaro and Ralph Lauren.

She appeared in “Yesterday is Gone”, a video by Lenny Kravitz.

adriana12.jpgadriana41.jpgadriana42.jpgadriana43.jpgadriana13.jpgadriana31.jpg adriana34.jpgadriana30.jpg

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Lucy Ramos

Lucy Ramos (1982- ) is a Brazilian television actress. She is best known for playing Adelaide on “Sinhá Moça”.

This blog lists her as one of the ten most beautiful Afro-Brazilian women. She has pretty eyes and a pretty face and thick black hair.

She was born Lucilene Ramos da Silva in Recife in Pernambuco. Her family moved to Sao Paulo when she was five. They were very poor.

When she was 12 she joined a girl’s football team. She loved football and was good at it. She could have made a living at it, but because she was thin and pretty people told her she should be a model. Her trainer even hooked her up with a small modelling agency. So at 16 she became a model.

By 18 she was with a large modelling agency. She appeared in ads and magazines. But at 1.70 metres (5 foot 7) she was too short to be on the runway and become a high fashion model.

She loved modelling: she got to meet new people and see new places. She saw Rio for the first time. It was her mother’s dream for her. But Ramos did not want to be just a pretty girl selling something in a box. She had always wanted to be an actress. So she took the money she made from modelling and went to acting school.

She first appeared on television in 2004 when she was 21. She worked for Globo, the largest television network in Brazil. They saw that she had beauty and talent and in 2006 they put her in their telenovela “Sinhá Moça”.

Sinhá Moça is the daughter of a coffee grower. When she returns home from her studies in 1887 she frees her father’s slaves – against his will!

Ramos played Adelaide, Sinhá Moça’s slave companion, a supporting character. It made her known all over the country. It was her first big part and so far her best.

In 2007 she played Guguta on “Pé na Jaca”.

She also appeared on “Dança no Gelo” (Dance on Ice), a sort of “Pop Idol” for ice skating. She has been skating since she was a girl and the viewers loved her. She came in fifth (out of 12).

Her dream is to become a great film actress – and to buy her mother a house! She has had long talks with Zezé Motta, one of the greatest black actresses in Brazil.

She has already appeared in one film, “Turistas”, a Hollywood film by John Stockwell (known as “Paradise Lost” in Britain) about Americans who get lost in Brazil. Ramos plays Arolea who gets the Americans to like her only to rob them!

To keep her good looks she walks for an hour three times a week by the sea and avoids foods cooked in fat.

She says you should follow your dreams and never give up. That is just what she did.


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Rojane Fradique

rojane031.jpg Rojane Fradique Santos (1986- ) is a Brazilian fashion model. Along with Emanuela de Paula and Carmelita Mendes, she is one of the top black models in Brazil.

She is tall and thin. At 1.82 metres she is taller than most men. She has dark brown skin, high cheekbones, thick lips and big feet. You hardly see her smile because she has a space between her two front teeth. She looks like a work of art and moves with grace. The Brazilian press calls her look “exotic”.

The fashion industry in Brazil, as in North America and Europe, prefers women who are tall and thin with white skin, blue eyes and yellow hair. Rojane has the first two and makes up for the rest with her never-say-die spirit.

She has appeared on the runway in Rio, Sao Paulo, Paris and Singapore. She has been in magazines like Vogue Brasil, Vogue Teen, Cool, S/N, Curvas and Revista da Folha. She has modelled for Arezzo shoes. She would like to model for Victoria’s Secret.

Most fashion shows in Brazil have one black model in the summer. She is often that one black woman.

Black models in Brazil broke into advertising in the 1990s but they are still rare in the world of fashion. Elite has 300 models in Brazil: only ten are black. Rojane is one. Elite says there is not enough work for more black models – in a country that is only half white.

Rojane grew up in a poor part of Salvador in Bahia in the north-east. Her father was a school janitor, her mother a manicurist. They were poor: sometimes they had no dinner to eat.

She helped her mother do nails, saving her money and dreaming of one day becoming a model.

Her teachers told her she would never succeed as a model. She did not give up. She went to every modelling agency in the city. Every single one told her no. Still she did not give up. She signed up for modelling contests but was never picked. Still she did not give up.

One day she heard that Elite was holding a worldwide modelling contest. She signed up. She walked 2.5 kilometres to where the Salvador part of the contest was being held, but they told her the date had been changed. She walked there again and came in first!

So at 17 she got on the bus for Sao Paulo to take part in the nationwide contest. She came in second, enough to get her to the worldwide contest in Singapore. The judges said she was one of the top 15 models there. Elite signed her.

In Sao Paulo she caught the eye of Paulo Borges, the head of Sao Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion show in the country. He liked her for her beauty and for her spirit: she knows what she wants and never gives up.


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Esther Baxter (1984- ), also known as Miss Freek a Leek, was one of the top American video vixens from 2004 to 2007. She has appeared in more than 30 hip hop videos and in more than a dozen spreads in magazines like King, XXL, Vibe and Smooth.

At 22 she retired to go back to school and be near her sick father.

The reasons for her success are not hard to find: in addition to being hard-working, she has a sweet, beautiful face and an amazing body: 34DD-24-40 (86-61-102 cm). By 13 her breasts were already a D, way more than most grown women. It is all God-given. Even the best doctors could not have given her such a beautiful body.

She is mixed: she is not just black, but also part Norwegian, Puerto Rican, Cuban and Indian. She has green eyes.

She comes from Miami, one of 16 children. She waited tables at Red Lobster, a chain of seafood places. Then her brother got her hooked up with an agent. She started modelling at 18.

At first she was one of the many girls dancing in the background of hip hop videos. Then in 2004 she was featured in Petey Pablo’s “Freek a Leek”. It made her name.

At the beginning of “Freek a Leek” she is standing in front of a car. She is moving her body and looking straight at you with her big beautiful eyes. It is a hard thing for a man to get out of his mind. In the middle she dances alone in a blue swimsuit. She was no longer just another dancing girl.

She was also featured in “Oh Yes (Mr Postman)” (2006) by Juelz Santana where she plays his girlfriend, mouthing “Oh Yes”.

She has been in dozens of other videos, but those are the two I most remember.

At one video she made $12,000 and got to keep maybe $10,000 worth of clothes and shoes. That comes to $22,000 (2000 crowns) for one day of work.

She loves how beautiful she is. She has no trouble showing it off to the world.

Men love to look at her, of course, but some say she is setting a bad example for young girls growing up. They see her on television too, dancing half-naked, looking impossibly beautiful, presenting herself as a sex object for men.

Baxter says that parents should not let her bring up their children. They have to ground their children in the truth, not in the made-up world of television. She says the videos are no more serious and true than ads for Laffy Taffy, where people’s heads become big.

She was a virgin till 18 on her wedding night on Valentine’s Day. She married her high school sweetheart, but it did not last: he could not stand all the male attention she was getting.

In 2007 she retired. She has already done it all as a video vixen. She went back to school to learn how to sell houses.


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Here are the most beautiful black Brazilian women models that I know of who are famous enough to be in the Portuguese Wikipedia. Some no longer model, but all have modelled at some point. I count as black anyone who is Afro-Brazilian, which is close to the English meaning of the word.


1. Taís Araújo (1978- ), from Rio, became the first black actress to appear as a main character in a telenovela on Brazilian television. She is a presenter on the television show “Superbonita”, about how to be beautiful! More.


2. Adriana Bombom (1974- ) is a Carnival queen from Rio. She she was once one of Xuxa’s helpers. What a body! More.

3. Ildi Silva (1982- ) is a television actress from Bahia. She was discovered on the streets of Salvador and became a model. She says that in Brazil she is seen as neither black nor white. According to the BBC she is one-fifth African by blood and one-tenth native Indian. Her green eyes are Dutch. More.


4. Rojane Fradique (1986- ) is a fashion model from Bahia in the north where most people are black. She is tall (1.82 metres), extremely thin but looks like a work of art. In 2003 she placed second in Brazil in the Elite Model Look contest and 15th worldwide. More.

5. Camila Pitanga (1977- ) is a Brazilian model and television actress from Rio. Best known in Brazil as Bebel on the telenovela “Paraíso Tropical”. Ildi Silva, listed above, plays a secretary on the same show. Her father is black, her mother is white.


6. Adriana Lima (1981- ) is a model from Salvador in Bahia, where she grew up without a father. She is the highest paid Brazilian model after Gisele Bundchen. She has modelled for Victoria’s Secret and Maybelline. She is friends with Raica Oliveira. More.


7. Lucy Ramos (1982- ) is a model and television actress. She is best known for her role in the show “Sinhá Moça”. She was born in Recife in Pernambuco. More.


8. Marina Montini (1948-2006) was a beauty from Rio in the 1960s and 1970s. She was so beautiful that men painted pictures of her, especially Di Cavalcanti. Her heavy drinking brought her to an early end at age 58.

9. Suyane Moreira (1982- ), from the state of Ceara in the north, is part black, part native Indian. She has been in Vogue magazine in Italy, Germany and France and on the runways in London and New York. She says that people hold her colour and her looks against her more often in Brazil than elsewhere.

10. Deise Nunes (1968- ) was Miss Brazil in 1986, the first black woman to win the title and, more than 20 years later, still the only one. She came in sixth place in Miss Universe.

Black models in Brazil have broken into advertising since the 1990s, but the fashion industry is still very white.

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fashion model

A fashion model is someone who wears clothes to help sell them. There are many kinds of models – child models, male models, hand models, swimsuit models, even those picture frame people, but by the word “model” most have in mind female fashion models, like Naomi Campbell or Kate Moss, like the women in Vogue magazine.

What you need to be a model:

  • beauty
  • clear skin
  • good teeth
  • long legs
  • a thin frame
  • a height from 173 to 190 cm (between 5 foot 8 inches and 6 foot 3).
  • a weight from 49 to 57 kilos (108 to 125 pounds)
  • an age from 15 to 22
  • endless self-confidence and drive

Not every fashion model has all these things, but most do.

They want tall, thin women because clothes and photography adds about seven kilos to how fat you look. And the clothes themselves – the whole point of fashion modelling – look better on thin women. As someone put it, models are walking clothes hangers.

They want young women because most models are past their prime after the age of 25.

You need self-confidence and drive because it is a hard field to break into: you will hear no far more than yes.

And even if you do become a model, you will probably not make enough to do it full-time and work for less than eight years.

What you do not need to do to become a model:

  • go to modelling school
  • have a portfolio (a set of pictures taken by a photographer)
  • model naked
  • have sex

Some take advantage of innocent girls by telling them they need to do one or more of these things.

How do you become a model?

Some are discovered when a talent scout sees them walking down the street. This is how Naomi Campbell, Xuxa and Ildi Silva all got their start. Talent scouts know what to look for: beautiful girls 14 or 15 years old who are tall enough and thin enough.

Some are discovered in beauty or fashion contests. Some of these are put on by the model agencies themselves as a way to find new talent.

Some go to a model agency’s open call. This means going to the agency and waiting in line for ever only to be seen for less than a minute.

And some just try their luck and cold call agencies and ask if they can drop by.

You almost have to work for a model agency. Get a lawyer to look at anything you sign. And beware that some model agencies are fly-by-night operations: they are more interested in taking your money than in getting you modelling work.

New York is the centre of the fashion industry in America. The top model agencies and the top models are there. But other cities need models too.

Paris, London and Milan are also centres of fashion.

Models work hard, but they can party hard too. Some go overboard in their partying, like Naomi Campbell who is now recovering from years of drink and cocaine.

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black fashion models

There are fewer black women fashion models on the catwalk than there were in the 1990s, when Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks and others were still modelling. What black models do we have now to take their place?

A third of fashion shows are no better than they were in the 1950s: they have no black models at all. Most of the rest have just one or two so that it does not “look bad”.

There are hundreds of white models but only a few black ones. So you keep seeing the same ones over and over again.

New York is not quite as bad as London and Milan: British Vogue has not had a black model on its cover since Naomi Campbell last appeared in 2002. That was five years ago.

Paris is the worst: the Paris fashion show in 2007 had only one black model! Black modelling agencies that were started in Paris have either closed or shifted their business.

The Elite modelling agency, which discovered Naomi Campbell, has only two black models. Its agency in Paris says there is not enough work for more black models: Asians and Arabs do not like to see black women. But is Elite much better when it comes to Asian and Arab models? If Elite is to be believed, Asian and Arab women dream of being tall, thin white women with yellow hair. That is why there are so few black models!

Sometimes when modelling agencies try to send black models to fashion designers and magazines they are told not to send any more.

You hear the very same things in Brazil where only half the people are white.

As the blog Rachel’s Tavern points out, it has got so bad that even the New York Times has noticed.

It is not as if black women do not like clothes or fashion. Far from it.

Black America has more money than all of Brazil, which has its own fashion industry and world-famous supermodels.

So why are so few black women on the catwalk?

I am not in the fashion industry, but I have my ideas:

  1. The fashion industry is run by white people who have white ideas of beauty. To them black is not beautiful.
  2. The fashion industry is run by old white people who have old-fashioned ideas about race. But because they are successful, they think they are better than the rest of us. So if they object to seeing a black woman in a pretty dress they think the rest of us would like it even less.
  3. More white women seem to have the figure (or lack of it) required by modelling. Models are, in effect, walking clothes hangers. This has nothing to do with “thin is beautiful”, but with how clothes look on someone.

Naomi Campbell, for her part, says she will not leave the business till there are more black models to take her place. In Kenya she said, “I believe there are pretty girls from your lovely country who can grace the international catwalk and the front pages of fashion magazines, with proper strategies.”

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Eva Pigford

Eva Pigford (1984- ), also known as Eva the Diva and, since November 2006, Eva Marcille, is an American model and actress. She won “America’s Next Top Model” in 2004 in season three. She was the first black model to win. She defeated two other strong black models: YaYa Da Costa, who came in second, and Toccara Jones, who came in eighth.

“America’s Next Top Model” is a television show created by supermodel Tyra Banks. Like “American Idol” it is a talent show, but instead of singing, they model. One model is sent home every week until there is just one left, the winner.

Pigford knew she would win from the start. She has model looks and a fighting spirit. She has light brown skin, green eyes, a thin build without much of a figure and strong cheekbones. She looks like a black Sharon Stone. She mostly wears her hair short, so much so that people begin to wonder if she is a lesbian. She does have a tomboy look about her.

As the winner Pigford became a CoverGirl model, appeared in Elle magazine and was signed by the Ford model agency.

She did a good deal of modelling in 2005 and 2006. She appeared in several fashion shows and, in addition to CoverGirl make-up, she has used her beauty to sell Samsung mobile phones, Mark Ecko shoes, Apple Bottoms clothing and so on. She has appeared on the cover of King magazine (June 2005) as well as several other magazines.

In November 2006 she broke with Tyra Banks and Benny Medina, who had been managing her, and changed her name to Eva Marcille. She has turned her attention from modelling to acting.

She has already done some television and film acting, but only small parts so far. The most famous film she has been in was “I Think I Love My Wife”, a remake of “Love in the Afternoon” starring Chris Rock.

She liked playing a bad girl in the film “Crossover”, even though she is nothing like that. She says. “Crossover” is a bad, unwatchable film about basketball.

She was in “The Walk”, a Christian film. Her faith grounds her and allows her to move forward through uncertain times.

She has been in some music videos:

Angie Stone: Baby

Jamie Foxx: DJ Play a Love Song

50 Cents: I Get Money

She is the Eva in the songs “On and On” by Missy Elliott and “The Naked Truth” by Lil Kim.

She grew up in a rough part of South Los Angeles, the only girl in a family of three boys. They did not have much, but her parents stayed together and brought her up right, unlike too many of her friends.

Although she is not friends with YaYa Da Costa, she is like her in many ways: both were not considered pretty when they were growing up, but both have boundless self-confidence and drive and both have left modelling behind to become actresses.


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