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Angela Simmons (1988- ) is the second daughter of Reverend Run, Joseph “Run” Simmons of Run DMC. She is best known for appearing on the reality television show “Run’s House”, which has been on MTV since 2005. Vanessa Simmons is her older sister, a model and actress. Her mother on that show is her stepmother.

She is “one of Russell’s nieces” that Kanye West says he needs in the Young Jeezy song “I Put On”. Russell being hip hop business mogul Russell Simmons, Run’s brother and a founder of Def Jam Records.

She lives in Los Angeles with her sister. In 2007 they started a line of shoes, Pastry Footwear. Pastry shoes are sneakers that are decorated like cakes. They have names like Strawberry Shortcake and Blueberry Icing Hitops. Sneakers designed by girls for girls. In 2008 Pastry also started selling handbags and clothing. They hope to get into jewellery, maybe make-up too.

Their uncle and father helped them to get started in the business – Pastry is part of their father’s Run Athletic shoes. But the sisters say they will have to sink or swim on their own. In 2007 they sold $15 million (a million crowns) worth of shoes.

In addition to their shoes, Angela is trying to become a singer, while her sister is trying to become an actress.

Angela will be putting out her first album of songs in 2008. It will be R & B music rather than hip hop. The first song will be “Center of Attention”. You can already hear it on YouTube and see the full video on the pastrykicks.com website.

She loves music but she also loves fashion. She went to the High School Institute of Fashion, New York’s magnet school for fashion. From there she went on to the Fashion Institute of Technology, also in New York. She once worked at Baby Phat, a clothing line that her uncle Russell created and her aunt Kimora runs.

In 2006 she started a magazine, Angela’s Rundown. It started as a 16-page insert in Word Up! It was aimed at girls 14 to 18 and mainly covered her two loves, music and fashion. In November 2007 it was printed as its own magazine.

Once her sister Vanessa started getting serious acting work (she is Lola on the soap opera “Guiding Light”), Angela had to scale back work on the magazine and work on Pastry instead. She would like to turn the Rundown into a blog.

You can see Angela in Bow Wow’s video “Shortie Like Mine”. She is laying on her bed looking at her computer.

Boyfriends: In 2006 she was going with Bow Wow. It seems he could not commit to her so they broke up. In 2008 she was going with skateboarder Terry Kennedy.

Car: She drives a red Mercedez Benz that her father gave her for doing so well in high school.

She is likeable and has a good-girl image. She works hard and is always willing to try new things, but it seems she divides herself between too many of those things.

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