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There are only 34,000 black men in America married to Asian women. That is about one married black man in a hundred. Asian women marry black men at about the same rate. Some number of these men met their wives overseas while serving in the military. Black men are five times more likely to marry an Asian than are black women.

Despite their low numbers they have some famous sons and daughters: Tiger Woods (golfer, Thai mother), Amerie (singer, Korean mother), Hines Ward (football player, Korean), Will Demps (football player, Korean)Tasha Reid (rapper, Korean), Crystal Kay (singer, Korean), Tomika Skanes (video vixen, Korean), La’Shontae Heckard (video vixen, Korean), Kimora Lee Simmons (businesswoman, Korean-Japanese), Sharon Leal (actress, Filipino) and Lou Jing (singer, Chinese).

Steve Sailer, an intellectual skinhead, says that Asian women are the most desirable women and black men are the most desirable men – more desirable than even their white counterparts. He bases that on the amount of body fat men and women of different races have.

That helps him to show why so many white women are with black men and so many white men are with Asian women. But he never stops to ask why the match made in Sailerite heaven – black men and Asian women – is so rare, less than 2% of all interracial marriages.

In an OkCupid study of online dating, Asian women were the least likely to show interest in black men.

Some say it is because Asian parents are even more racist than white ones. I am not sure how you would prove that. Kate Rigg put it this way:

My boyfriend’s Black and there’s gonna be trouble
My parents want to live in a Negro-free bubble

For black servicemen in Asia the circumstances would be different since presumably they would be seen as being more American than black.

Then there are some who say it is because Asian women do not fit black ideas of female beauty. Their bodies in general are too thin. Smooth magazine, a black men’s magazine, lists its top 100 women every year. In 2009 not a single one was clearly Asian – though in the past some have been part Asian, like Tomika Skanes and La’Shontae Heckard.

Even granting all that, there are most certainly black men who love how Asian women look and Asian women who are not about to let racism get in the way of their own happiness.

But maybe it is simpler than all that: As it turns out white men, who so famously have an Asian fetish, marry Asian women at about the same rate as black men: about one married man in a hundred.

But then why do white men seem to have an Asian fetish when black men generally do not? Because one Asian woman in six is married to a white man. But it is probably not even a case of a white fetish among Asian women: many of them live and work in places where it is much easier to meet white men than even Asian men, much less black men.

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An Asian fetish, also known as yellow fever, is where a man mainly goes for East Asian women. For East Asian men this is considered to be natural and therefore it is not a fetish. But for white American men it is seen as an unnatural desire and therefore is a fetish.

In America by far the most common sort of mixed-race marriage is between white men and Asian women. So it seems like white men have a thing for Asian women.

babysan-speaksjapaneseBut it is more than just the numbers or even all the war brides and mail-order brides: Asian women report that some white men do have this strange hang-up on them: these men seem to date mainly Asian women, stereotype them by saying that Asian women are “exotic”, “hot” and are much more willing to serve and please their men. Some of these men even go so far as to learn all things Asian. It all comes off as kind of creepy.

Some argue that there is no such thing as an Asian fetish. Here are the three arguments I have heard:

  1. White women paint it as a fetish to shame white men out of dating Asian women. Because only Asian women present a serious threat to white women.  After all, when black men or Jewish men go after blondes, no one calls that a “blonde fetish”. Or when a white woman will date only black men, no one calls that a “black fetish”.
  2. Asian women are naturally more desirable than white or black women. Steve Sailer argues that they look more womanly because they have less muscle by weight than either white women or black women.
  3. Asian women are more open to dating outside their race than other women in America. A speed dating study done by Columbia University showed that it is women, not men, who make dating decisions based on race. Men are dogs and will go for any pretty woman regardless of race. Given that, many white men will naturally wind up with Asian women.

Asian women in America, much more so than black, white or Latina women, are way more likely grow up in a place where most males do not belong to their race, where most are in fact white. It is also more acceptable for Asian women and white men to marry each other than for either to marry black or Latino.

Asian men get screwed in this because white women are not equally open about dating outside their race. Also white stereotypes of Asian men as nerdy and unmanly do not help.

Samhita at Feministing put it well, speaking for many Asian women:

But for the rest of us, that are sick and tired of white men being into us because we are “exotic,” well this shit is just tired. I am not your fetish, I am not your fantasy and, yeah, I might be good in bed, but my race is not why.


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In general I like women in this order in terms of physical beauty:

  1. Black
  2. Latin American
  3. South Asian
  4. East Asian
  5. Polynesian
  6. White

I determined this by looking at pictures of models at modelcoast.com. The models are mostly Americans in their 20s, but they each say whether they are black, white or whatever.

I am only talking in general. There are white women, for example, who are better looking than most black women. And so on.

Some things I learned from this exercise:

  • I like black women way more than other women. It is not even close. I like them twice as much as Latin women and seven times more than white women. It is that sharp of a difference.
  • The thing that I like most in black women is not what I thought: black hair, high cheekbones and their figure. It is, in fact, their eyes. I have no idea what it is, but there is just something about their eyes that gets to me, that makes all the difference. It could be how the eyes look, it could be some inner quality that shows through them. Since no one talks about the eyes of black women, unlike their hair and their figure, it is hard to know what that something is. That will be for another post. Now I know why I hate it when black women wear sunglasses.
  • After eyes, figure matters the most: thick thighs and a big bottom or at least an hourglass figure. No figure at all, like most thin women have, just does not do it for me. That is why Latin women did so much better than white women: they have better figures, more of a black woman’s body. In general.
  • Next comes skin colour. It does not have to be dark, but it has to be at least light brown, maybe olive is enough. Something. Pale skin, like the English and Japanese have, just does not do it for me. That is why South Asian women did so well.
  • As much as I love thick lips and high cheekbones, they are not enough by themselves. That is why Polynesian women did not do as well as I thought they would – second to last!
  • In hair thickness matters most, darkness second. Length matters but only in that it makes hair seem thicker. Short and thick is better than long and thin.

What I do not like in the white idea of beauty that the American film and fashion industry push:

  • The eyes to the degree that they are round and empty looking
  • Being so thin they lose their figure
  • Paleness of skin

Empty might be the wrong word for the eyes, but there is something like that about the eyes.

I do not know where all this comes from. Certainly not from American society. It seems to be inborn. When I watch an old show on television that I last saw when I was 13, I find myself liking the very same women for the very same reasons.

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