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americanidol.jpg Though I have said little about “American Idol” this year, I still watch it. It is the only television show I watch regularly – other than “Big Brother”, which will not be on till the summer here in America.

Six singers remain. Here is how I rank them:

  1. Melinda Doolittle – She is by far the best singer there, but she needs to get more comfortable being on stage. She is stiff.
  2. Jordin Sparks – She was really great last week, better than even Melinda. She has promise, but she is young.
  3. Blake Lewis – On singing ability he is not as good as LaKisha, but he is far more interesting. LaKisha’s songs mostly sound alike.
  4. LaKisha Jones – Phil and Chris are clearly worse than her. But I agree with Simon: she tends to sing too loud.
  5. Phil Stacey – With the right songwriter and the right kind of music, he could be good.
  6. Chris Richardson – I had to look up his name on the Internet. That is what little effect he has on me.

Last week they did not kick anyone off – it was their charity show. So this week they will kick off two singers.

Here is how it turned out (I will update this every week):

  1. Jordin Sparks
  2. Blake Lewis
  3. Melinda Doolittle
  4. LaKisha Jones
  5. Chris Richardson
  6. Phil Stacey
  7. Sanjaya Malakar
  8. Haley Scarnato
  9. Gina Glocksen
  10. Chris Sligh
  11. Stephanie Edwards
  12. Brandon Rogers

I could not stand Sanjaya Malakar. He would forget his words and no one would say anything. Simon grew resigned. I am happy he is gone. But he seems to have an effect on some, like the Crying Girl.

Gina Glocksen got kicked off way too soon. She should have been in the top six.

My prediction: a Southerner, as always, will win. That means either Melinda, Chris or Phil.

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Taylor wins!!

Taylor Hicks won American Idol!!! I wanted to vote for him last night, but the telephone lines were still busy when I fell asleep at one in the morning.

He needs to get a new songwriter, though. That new song of his is dreadful – it does not fit him at all. Like Marvin Gaye and Alicia Keys, he needs to sing his own songs, not what someone puts in front of him.

First I was for Lisa, then Paris and finally Taylor.

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Why Mandisa Lost

Mandisa was kicked off of American Idol last night. She was arguably the best singer there. She had more range than the others, though Chris has more singing experience and Paris less fear of the stage.

Eight now remain.

My wife liked Mandisa the best, but was not shocked when she was kicked off. She says that the telephone vote does not matter (in fact, the telephone vote does matter), that the show’s producers will kick off whomever they wish. And they wished to kick off Lisa and Mandisa because they are black. Either because the producers do not like blacks or because they were afraid that having three blacks in the top eight would turn off too many viewers in a country where only one person in eight is black. So two blacks had to go no matter how good they were. The dirty deed had to be done.

(Lisa, I still love you!)

She says the producers look at it like this:

2002 white female Kelly Clarkson
2003 black male Ruben Studdard
2004 black female Fantasia Barrino
2005 white female Carrie Underwood
2006 white male ???

That is why five of the last eight singers are white males.

So most likely Chris will win, though Taylor might stage an upset. As to Paris, Kellie and Katharine, they are history. So far four singers have been kicked off: only one of them was a white male – Kevin, who had no hope of winning anyway. The rest were females.

I write down my wife’s theory, just as I wrote down my own theory last week, to see how good they are. The best test of a theory is to state it, predict a future outcome based on it and then see what really happens. To come up with theories after the fact is somewhat pointless.

Meanwhile Bucky, that powerhouse, charges on.

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American Idol

American Idol is about the only television show that I watch regularly each week. Anyone between the age of sixteen and twenty-nine can enter. The best singers are selected by the three judges – Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell. They go all over the country to hear thousands of singers, most of them dreadful. We get to see some of that on television.

Once the judges have narrowed the list of singers down to 24, then we viewers become the judges, using our telephones to vote for the singer we like. Every week those with the least number of votes get kicked off. When it comes down to just twelve singers, then one is kicked off each week till there is only one left, the winner.

Right now there are nine singers left.

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This week Lisa Tucker got kicked off of American Idol. Meanwhile Bucky Covington, clearly a much worse singer, not only stays, he was not even close to getting kicked off: three other singers received fewer votes than he did: Lisa, Katharine and Ace. All three seem to be better singers than Bucky.

What gives?

Because Lisa is black, some say it is because of her race that she got kicked off. But then what about Katharine? She is also much better than Bucky and yet Bucky got more votes than she did. Since both are white, race is not the reason.

The reason is simple: Bucky is from the South.

After all, what makes Lisa, Katharine and Ace different from all the other singers? Was it their poor singing? Hardly. Rather, they are the only ones left who are not from the South. There once were two others – Melissa and Kevin – but they have already been kicked off. Kevin was clearly a poor singer, but not Melissa.

If you look at who receives the lowest number of votes each week, Bucky is the only one from the South who has ever appeared there. Everyone else is from the North and the West.

If am right then Katharine and Ace are next to go, not Bucky. Even if Bucky goes before them, at the very least, Katharine and Ace will go soon after so that by the end of April only Southerners will be left.

After Katharine, Ace and Bucky are gone, Elliot will be next since he is not an obvious Southerner.

We shall see.

From the South: Chris (NC), Kellie (NC), Bucky (NC), Paris (GA), Mandisa (TN), Taylor (AL), Elliot (VA)

Not from the South: Lisa (CA), Katherine (CA), Ace (CO), Kevin (NY), Melissa (FL)

(Most of Florida is not the South. And Melissa, who seemed like she was from New Jersey, is certainly not a Southerner).

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Yay Lisa!
There are twelve singers left. Here is how I rank them:

  1. Chris Daughtry*
  2. Paris Bennett*
  3. Lisa Tucker
  4. Mandisa*
  5. Taylor Hicks*
  6. Katherine McPhee
  7. Kellie Pickler*
  8. Elliot Yamin*
  9. Ace Young
  10. Melissa McGhee*
  11. Bucky Covington
  12. Kevin Covais

(* marks those that would thank God if they won).

I think Ace, Kellie and Kevin will stay longer than they should while Elliot and Mandisa will get kicked off sooner than they should.

The top four could become famous singers; the top ten could make a living at singing if they stick with it.

Here is how America has ranked them(I will updated this each week as the one with the fewest votes gets kicked off):

  1. Taylor Hicks* (+4)
  2. Katherine McPhee (+4)
  3. Elliot Yamin* (+5)
  4. Chris Daughtry* (-3)
  5. Paris Bennett* (-3)
  6. Kellie Pickler* (+1)
  7. Ace Young (+2)
  8. Bucky Covington (+3)
  9. Mandisa* (-5)
  10. Lisa Turner (-7)
  11. Kevin Covais (+1)
  12. Melissa McGhee* (-2)

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Each of the 24 final singers in the American Idol show were asked whom they would thank upon winning. Most said “God”, but not everyone. What is interesting is who said what. My wife seems to think that most blacks believe in God while most whites do not. But among the singers, most said “God”, black or white, although it is true that blacks were more likely to say God than were the whites. But it was not race that seemed to be the strongest influence on how one answered, but where one was from: Of the 12 singers from the South, all but two said “God”. But of the 12 singers from the North and the West, only five said “God” – less than half. And it did not seem to matter if they were black or white. Just as most of the whites did not think to thank God, the same was true of most of the blacks.

Is it that more people in the South believe in God than in other parts of the country? Probably. But something else is going on here: people in the South seem to be a lot more public about God and religion than in the North where I live. In the North people regard it more as a private matter, a subject best avoided when talking to someone you do not know well.

There is a common-sense reason for this: in the South nearly everyone is Baptist and so the subject of religion is not going to make anyone uncomfortable. In the North, however, there is a great variety of religion and many do not believe in God at all, so religion becomes a delicate point, and therefore a private affair.

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