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Vanessa Simmons (1983- ), an American model and actress, is the oldest daughter of Reverend Run of Run DMC. She has appeared on MTV’s “Run’s House” since 2005. She is a Girl Scout role model and yet one of the hottest women in the world according to Maxim magazine!

Angela Simmons is her younger sister; hip hop mogul Russell Simmons is her uncle.

She lives in Los Angeles with her sister. In 2007 they started a line of shoes, Pastry Footwear. Pastry shoes are sneakers that are decorated like cakes – sneakers designed by girls for girls. Her father and uncle helped them to get started in the business: Pastry is a part of her father’s Run Athletics.

But her dream is to be an actress. She has been acting since she was 12.

In 2007 she was Lola on the television soap opera “Guiding Light”. She says, “The opportunity just sort of came along.”

In 2008 she was Little T, a female rapper, in the off-Broadway play “The Actor’s Rap” by J. Kyle Manzay. It is a comedy about rappers taking over the acting world, where name counts for more than talent. Hmm. She said her character is the opposite of how she is.

She loves acting:

Acting makes me feel free. I can’t explain the feeling I get, like the adrenaline rush when I’m actually doing it and then when it’s all over I feel just like yelling! It’s so much fun! It’s always been like that for me. When I get scripts and go to auditions and being on the Guiding Light set is just this dream come true and so amazing. I can’t explain it.

She yet to land a good part in a film. She is very serious and hard-working, but some say she cannot act!

She was also a fashion model for the Ford modelling agency. She is 1.71 cm tall (5 foot 7), which is a bit short for a model.

In 2006 Maxim magazine said she was the 82nd hottest woman in the world, putting her ahead of Carmen Electra and Amerie. Maxim called her “absurdly hot … with tremendous moral fiber”.

She understands how fortunate she is, that not everyone has the chances she does.

She says she is just like she is on “Run’s House”.

Boyfriends: She does not talk about her love life, but others do. Some say she has been with Carl Cupid and even Bow Wow, her sister’s one-time boyfriend.

What kind of men does she like? Those who make her laugh, who support her in her dreams, who do not mind being a homebody with her – and help her learn her lines!

She comes from Jamaica, Queens in New York, but by the time we saw her in “Run’s House” she was living in the suburbs in New Jersey in one of the biggest houses on the east coast.

She says: “Expect a ‘no’ but never accept a ‘no'”. And: “Remember put god first anything is possible for you.”

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