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James Bond

James Bond (1924- , 1968- ) is a character from a series of books by Ian Fleming, later turned into films. Fleming died in the 1960s, but books continue to be written and films made.

James Bond works for MI6, the British Secret Service. He is Secret Agent 007. The “00” means he is licensed to kill. And 7, of course, because he has luck, loads of it.

He drives a fast, cool-looking car, wears great-looking suits, has a beautiful woman on his arm (known as a Bond girl) and goes after men mad with power who will rule the world if he does not stop them in time.

Bond is quick-thinking, daring and fearless. No matter how bad things get, he never loses his cool and never loses hope. He can think his way out of anything.

He loves to drive fast and loves to take chances, both with his money and his life.

He is helped by Q, who makes Bond’s car into a killing machine and comes up with deadly little inventions that look innocent, like a pen or a watch.

Bond is kept in line – unsuccessfully – by M, his commanding officer. Bond often goes against direct orders and does things his own way. But since he always gets his man, M forgives him in the end.

He is a heavy drinker: about one drink every seven pages. He drinks whisky most often, but is famous for wanting his vodka martini “shaken, not stirred”.

He is a heavy smoker, 60 cigarettes a day. Yet he has not been filmed smoking a cigarette since 1989, though you will see him with a cigar sometimes.

He loves to eat. When Fleming wrote the first Bond books in the 1950s, Britain was still limiting butter, milk and eggs. The good food, along with the cool cars and beautiful women, were part of the Bond dream.

He always seems to be about 37. He has been 37 for so long that his year of birth has been moved up from 1924 to 1968. This means he never retires.

He married once, but his wife was killed by his arch-enemy on his wedding day. He also has a son by Kissy Suzuki, but he did not find this out till after Fleming’s death.

His women: They are always beautiful but they do not last. He has had dozens of them from all over the world. Women love him, but he has never fallen in love.


Halle Berry as the Bond girl in “Die Another Day” (2002).

Bond films listed by the actor who played Bond and the year it came out:

  • Sean Connery
    • 1962: Dr. No
    • 1963: From Russia with Love
    • 1964: Goldfinger
    • 1965: Thunderball
    • 1967: You Only Live Twice
    • 1971: Diamonds Are Forever
  • George Lazenby
    • 1969: On Her Majesty’s Secret Service
  • Roger Moore
    • 1973: Live and Let Die
    • 1974: The Man with the Golden Gun
    • 1977: The Spy Who Loved Me
    • 1979: Moonraker
    • 1981: For Your Eyes Only
    • 1983: Octopussy
    • 1985: A View to a Kill
  • Timothy Dalton
    • 1987: The Living Daylights
    • 1989: Licence to Kill
  • Pierce Brosnan
    • 1995: GoldenEye
    • 1997: Tomorrow Never Dies
    • 1999: The World Is Not Enough
    • 2002: Die Another Day
  • Daniel Craig
    • 2006: Casino Royale
    • 2008: Quantum of Solace
    • 2012: Skyfall
    • 2015: Spectre
    • 2020: No Time to Die

– Abagond, 2007, 2020.

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