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A morph of the faces of Zhang Ziyi and Vivica Fox

Politically correct beauty (c. 1977- ) is the idea that all races of women are equally beautiful. Black women are as beautiful as white women are as beautiful as Asian women. Like in a Benetton ad.

Many people say they believe it – and want to believe it – but few truly believe it deep down.

You see this idea everywhere:

  • You see it in Playboy, as white as it is. In 1990 Hugh Hefner thought it was time for a black woman to become Playmate of the Year. And so Renee Tenison was chosen. She was beautiful, but from the magazine you can tell that Hefner is not into black women.
  • You see it in comments on this blog. I have quite a few lists of beautiful women, so people ask why there are no women from Africa or Asia. The idea is that women from these places are just as beautiful as the light-skinned black American women that some say I prefer.
  • You even see it in my post “Black women are beautiful”. From the title you might think I have little patience for politically correct beauty – which is true – but the post is shot through with that kind of thinking:
    • I wrote it because everywhere all I hear is “white women are beautiful”. No one ever says that, of course, but most of what you see on American television and in magazines shouts it. So I am no different than the commenters who want to see Asian women on my blog.
    • In keeping with politically correct beauty, I make no universal claims that black women are more beautiful than white women or anyone else – it is just a matter of personal taste.
    • I show how the things I like in black women are found in other women too, like Kim Kardashian. I try to make my taste in women seem as raceless as I can. But why?

When I looked at this cover a little to long it led to an argument with my wife. She knew I once had an East Asian girlfriend.

My wife thinks I have a thing for East Asian women. Some years ago she asked me what kind of woman I like.

“All kinds,” I said.

“So if you got married again, would you marry an Oriental woman?”

“Maybe. It depends.”

Why? Because back then I believed in politically correct beauty. But despite my high-minded ideas I found myself drawn mainly to black women all the same. The ones I see walking down the street in New York look better to me than all those white women I see in Hollywood and Vogue.

If I ran Playboy the women would be different but it would still be just as narrow. I think that is true for any man.

So some may talk the talk, as I once did, but deep down each man likes particular kinds of women. And so the white people who run the film and fashion industries follow their tastes too and hide it from themselves with their politically correct ideas.

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