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The Glosario

The Glosario (2006- ) is the glossary of Nezua’s blog, the Unapologetic Mexican. It gives the meanings of a list of terms that he either made up, uses in a special way or feels he must otherwise comment on. It is in effect his Racism 101, laying out the main ideas that underlie White American racism.

Here are a few of the terms with their meanings (given in my own words to keep down the size of this post):

white – in a narrow sense it means those who look European: those with white skin (well, light with a pink undertone) and a nose and eyes of the right shape too. In a broader sense, though, it means the racist mindset that most white-looking people in America share and which some people of colour believe too.


the white lens – also called witemind, is the twisted, self-serving way whites have of looking at the world.

brown – any person of colour, anyone who is not white. But note that you can look brown but think white, like Condoleezza Rice. Or Nezua himself in younger days:

the journey – Nezua’s own journey from witemind to his right mind.

wite-magik attax – the 18 underhanded ways white people have of winning an argument about race. They are mostly derailing tactics meant to throw others off balance. Here are ten:

  • the Oversensitive – brown people feel instead of think. You cannot trust what brown people say.
  • the Appeal to Melanin – if a brown says it it must be true – but only if it supports my argument.
  • the Existential Blackmail – “If you ain’t White, then you just ain’t right.” Whites must control what is seen as true at all costs.
  • the Wite Disdain – I am white so there is no reason to take racism seriously.
  • the Drowning Maestro – I would listen to you if you did not sound so angry (blaming you for their disdain).
  • the Seeing-Eye Frog – I have never experienced racism so racism is over.
  • the Post Racial – the president is black so racism is over.
  • the Fallacious Flip – you are racist too! “Reverse racism” is just as bad as white racism.
  • the Feint Disclaimer – “I am not racist, but…”
  • the Insatiable Martyr – brown people love playing the martyr.

wite psychosis – the state of mind you must be in for wite-magik attax to make sense.

witelist – white people determine which facts are made public and which are not.

the Haunted Land – America, because it was built on so much death. The ghosts of the past keep coming up despite the best efforts of white education and television.

not all of you – a disclaimer that not all whites are racist.

Hispanic – means from Spain, the place where white people came from and took the land in Mexico where Nezua’s ancestors had lived for thousands of years.

internal colonization – being so brainwashed by white people that you want to be like them.

the Lovestruck Locust – how whites love brown culture (cool!) but dislike brown people (ew).

universal – a white way of saying “white”.

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Damian is the last son of Bob Marley, who died when he was two. His mother was Cindy Breakspeare, a Jamaican beauty queen who was all but white. The chorus is sung by Stephen Marley, his half-brother, son of Bob and Rita Marley. Though it never charted, it is one of those songs I can play over and over again.


It’s all right

[Chorus: Stephen Marley]
Said she wants my loving all night
And when she get it, she’ll be all right (all right)
Said she wants my loving all night
And when she get it, she’ll be all right

[Verse 1: Stephen Marley]
Now she call me on the phone and said she’s home alone
And she want me to come over and her house a home
Well I gave it to her once
And I liked how she responds
Well now i’m in trouble


[Verse 2]
It seems she needs to oil her spine
Tell all a gyal toast bread can’t build di putty gold mine
Need all di doctor to fish with di essential slime
She tell me she want signal di plane n’ time me want slow wine
Turn on di HBO she want fi watch Showtime
Give her di cordless microphone, she want di one with line
Seem like me and young gyal ya just can’t combine
So it’s sour like lime
Running it down the line Mr. Muffin one timr


[Verse 3]
She call mi pon di I-95
How mi ah tek so long she ah wonder which car mi drive
Tired fi listen album now and she want me live
Tell me she want mi fi come knock her out till she can’t revive
SO!…Ah so mi planet and di stars align
She tell me she want me know which part her hills and valley dem join
Seh she want me ride her like a Ferrari sign
Put appointment aside
Nothing can’t compromise
Fi di vibes I provide

[Solo: Stephen Marley]
She wants my loving all night
When she get it, she all right
She wants my loving all night

[Verse 4]
I shouldn’t make no physical contact, tell her fi hold down and still she just can’t quiet
Seh mi tek her up and tun her inna $@# maniac
Telling me dat I compliment her natural habitat
Well…it seem like she deaf or she blind
Want come step inna mi life when time she deh far behind
Want mi play her rhythm till di tape want rewind
And she nah watch no time
And she just nah resign till she see the sunshine

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Just hearing this song I loved it. But then once I found out what the words were it became more beautiful still: it tells the true story of Aqualtune, a black princess who stood in an ox cart in Brazil with her subjects being sold as slaves, but one day her son, Zumbi, would lead a successful slave uprising. Mariana Baltar sings it better than Jorge Ben Jor himself, who wrote it.

This is the song where I first heard about Quiloa – the place pictured at the top of this blog.

The places listed in the chorus – “Angola Congo Benguela/Monjolo Cabinda Mina/Quiloa Rebolo” – were slave forts in Africa.


Angola Congo Benguela
Monjolo Cabinda Mina
Quiloa Rebolo
Aqui onde estão os homens
Há um grande leilão
Dizem que nele há
Um princesa à venda
Que veio junto com seus súditos
Acorrentados num carro de boi
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver
Angola Congo Benguela
Monjolo Cabinda Mina
Quiloa Rebolo
Aqui onde estão os homens
Dum lado cana de açúcar
Do outro lado o cafezal
Ao centro senhores sentados
Vendo a colheita do algodão tão branco
Sendo colhidos por mãos negras
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver
Quando Zumbi chegar
O que vai acontecer
Zumbi é senhor das guerras
È senhor das demandas
Quando Zumbi chega e Zumbi
É quem manda
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver
Eu quero ver

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soSomalia (1960- ) is the country at the Horn of Africa. It has produced Iman, the supermodel, as well as pirates who make the evening news. In 1991 Siad Barre was overthrown and the country sank into an unending civil war that goes on even now, 18 years later.

The numbers: in a country of 9 million, 1 million have died in the war and its knock-on effects of famine and disease. Another million have fled their homes, some living in nearby countries, some living in utter poverty just outside the capital, the once beautiful city of Mogadishu. Three million depend on food aid from abroad. It is what is called a failed state.

As I write this on May 22nd 2009 the government is fighting for control of Wadnaha Road – in the capital! That is how weak it is.

In 2006, after years of fighting between warlords, the Union of Islamic Courts (UIC) gained control of much of the south and took over the capital. They wanted to rule the country through sharia or strict Muslim law.

It seemed like peace was at hand. But then the UIC threatened a holy war against Ethiopia. So Ethiopia sent in its troops and overthrew the UIC. Ethiopia’s dead soldiers were dragged through the streets of Mogadishu just like the Americans were in 1993. (The way the Americans pulled out shortly after that persuaded Osama bin Laden that they lacked courage, which in turn led to 9/11.)

Ethiopia as a foreign power could not put a strong government in place. As part of a United Nations peace deal, they pulled out in January 2009 and left behind Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed as president. Ahmed used to belong to the UIC and as the new president of Somalia he even set up sharia law.

It sounded good but it did not satisfy everyone, in particular some of the extreme bits of the UIC which now do business as al-Shabab and Hisbul-Islam. They saw Ahmed as a sell-out. They follow a Wahhabi form of Islam, which is far more extreme and Taliban-like than what most Somalis follow.

But, truth be told. al-Shabab is probably less concerned with fine points of religion and more concerned with being in power. They know the government is weak and are going in for the kill.


Because Somalia lacks a strong government it cannot control its long coastline, which is near one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world. So no surprise that it has become a nest of pirates.

Somalia was formed in 1960 by joining the Italian colony of Somalia and the British protectorate of Somaliland in the north (now independent again in practice and doing well, unlike the south). Most people are Somalis and Sunni Muslims. Unlike many countries in Africa, Somalia is not divided by religion or language, but it is divided by clan.

In addition to the 9 million Somalis who live in Somalia itself, there are 5 million in Ogaden in eastern Ethiopia, 350,000 in Djibouti, nearly a million in Yemen and a half million in Kenya.


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(Deevani in Hindi)

Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Badla mera rang ve
Hoye oye oye oye, hoye oye oye oye
Chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi

(Tito in Spanish)
Sintiendo tu cuerpo
Y tu piel que me quema
Baila morena
Mueve morena
Seran tus ojos
O tu cara que a mi me ciegan
Baila morena
Mueve morena
Jamaica te cela
Puerto Rico te vela
Por ti se pelean
To’a la noche entera
Tu cuerpo desean
Por tu piel de canela
Si ellos supieran
Que a mi me modelas

Desde que llegaste a mi
Mi vida no es igual
Desde que llegaste a mi
Mi vida no es igual
Hay amor, dame amor
No te vayas
Hay amor, dame amor
O todo se me acaba

Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Badla mera rang ve
Hoye oye oye oye, hoye oye oye oye
Chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi

(Beenie Man in Jamaican patois)
Di way yuh act it
Off fi me remy seen inna you body
For me a got knew a perfil
Me like a mad somebody
Spañol mami,
Call your Jamaican daddy
From Puerto Rico backs to spear
Me ready fi go chary
A load me sally, sally
Jummy, di glad it, glad it
All Jamaican to tha world
Dun it now aqui
Gwaan a shift yuh proppa’ tin
Me ready fi go attack here
All gwaan see is
Gyal a call her
A sey dem runny, runny
Reggaeton, marathon
Gyal gwaan me run it
Full a claim monna
Cyaan yuh sey it ya go me gun it
Well here I am if you walk it
’til it donny donny
Reel mad me onnu pon, so kno’
Cau me done it
Well if assalt it cau if he’ done
Pity lika’ jummy
A gwaan ya gone it mek me never
Speed so bummy
Yo Jeez!
Inna at our man
No fi come throb me
Me gwaan ‘ti back it inna me life
A me lemmie mami
So a…
A danzar mi reggaeton
Tito Bambino alongside Beenie Man
Dis’ one is anoda hit, son
Everybody you’d hear mo’ tek pon on come-on-non


Con un flow bien natural

(Beenie Man)
Tito Bambino alongside Beenie Man (What?)
Dis one is anoda hit, son
Everybody you’d hear mo’ tek pon on come-on-non

Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Pehen ke chola jawaani waala
Badla mera rang ve
Hoye oye oye oye, hoye oye oye oye
Chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi chadh gayi

“Top Of The Line”!
Tito El Bambino!
Luny Tunes!
Beenie Man!
The King of the Dance Hall!
Sigo siendo el Internacional!
No hay mas que hablar!
From Puerto Rico!
Pa’ Jamaica!
Tiny, Tunes!
“Top Of The Line”!

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Chandra Lewis (1978- ), better known as Deelishis and also called London Charles, was the winner of the second season of “Flavor of Love” in 2006. She has since come out with a song, “Rumpshaker” (yes), and is working on more songs with Busta Rhymes. She wants to become an actress too. She had a small part in “Queen of Media” (2008), the film about Wendy Williams.

Flavor Flav gave her the name Deelishis because she has a nice, big bottom. She says it is a blessing and a curse. Her measurements are 36-26-45 inches (91-66-114 cm). She is just a bit bigger than Buffie the Body (36-26-44). That gives her a waist-to-hip ratio (WHR) of 0.58. On top of that she has a sweet face that is sometimes beautiful.

She thanks her male fans for their “constant appreciation of the female anatomy” and for “telling me I was beautiful regardless of my scars.”

She was in a bad car accident that left scars on her arms and chest. She does not want to remove them: they are to remind her that she is supposed to be alive.

She beat out New York on “Flavor of Love”, who was back for a second time. Flav was looking for someone who truly liked him and Deelishis seemed to.

Yet after the show he barely spoke to her. He said she was too busy with her new clothing line. She says he changed his telephone number and was more interested in doing a third season of “Flavor of Love” than in being with her. The mother of his latest child may have had a hand in it too.

At first it seemed that she wanted to be with him and maybe even marry him. But as time went on she began to say that it was just a show and they were just playing characters for our entertainment. Yet she does seem hurt by it, so I think she was serious about him.

She says she has never had sex with him, though it seems like they did everything short of it.

People ask how could she want such an ugly man. She said you would be surprised. Sometimes you see ugly men with beautiful women – because they have a way with them.

She is so big in the back that she has to alter the blue jeans she buys. So once she became famous she came out with her own line of D-Cut Jeans.

“Flavor of Love” made her famous, but now she finds it hard to shake her image from that show.

Although she has the body of a video vixen, so far as I know she has only been in one music video, Paul Wall’s “Break ‘Em Off” (2007). She has, however, appeared in at least Smooth and Sweets magazines. She has also done the sex advice column in Smooth.

Some say that she was the girlfriend of Busta Rhymes, that her daughter Jasmine is his. She denies it and says they are just good friends.


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So everywhere I go yo, fans be like “Where you from?”
You know, whether it be New York or the UK
And I be like ummm… “I’m from DC”
Yeah, and they don’t believe it, you know
So I just tell them this right here
“Let the beat rock, let the beat rock, let the beat rock…”
I said “Let it rock…”
“I’m from DC, I’m from DC”

I be rollin’ with some dudes that always love to break the motherfucking rules
And yeah, know a couple D’s that’ll stir the shoes right off your motherfucking feet
Yeah, they be goin’ hard all in the streets, make sure they don’t take your heart
Naw, not little me I got the lead part, I’m a fittin’ to shoot the movie
G’s, bammers on the block been there for years, I don’t think it’s ever gonna stop
No, they been getting’ doses, just say no, might as well say hell yeah
And yeah, I’m from North-East, Langdon Park, don’t remember Trinidad for me
So, let the beat rock, let the beat rock, let the beat rock
I said, let it rock
I’m from DC

Sure, everybody this, everybody that
But I know that them cats poor
And yeah, as a matter of fact everybody rap but they ain’t doin’ no tours
And uh, what the fuck is that bammers on the bus, but they rappin’ ’bout they dope cars
Naw, I’m a point ’em out babe, I’m a point ’em out babe
Bammers think they hard just ’cause they saw a little Scarface movie
Naw, girls think they hot just ’cause they got a little couple dudes on them
Naw, this what a dude why I make sure I don’t mother fucking talk to them
So, let the beat rock, let the beat rock, let the beat rock
I said, let it rock
I’m from DC

If you lookin’ for a man that’s on his two feet standing
You can go with me, you can go with me
If you wanna make it big and you wanna hang with the cool kids
You can roll with me, you can roll with me
You can roll with me, you can roll with me

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