Tips on commenting

General tips for this blog:

  1. Learn how to disagreeThe seven levels of disagreement.
  2. Remain on topic. I like to keep things loose but I do reserve the right to delete off-topic comments. If you follow the general drift of the thread you are pretty safe unless I declare something off topic.
  3. Keep it civil. Imagine that I invited you to my house for dinner along with some others.
  4. Do not use sock puppets: Pick a name and stick to it. If you need to change it for some reason, then make it clear in a comment that you are doing so.
  5. Beware of trollsThey can be useful and entertaining, but remember that deep down they are attention whores who do not care one bit about the subject at hand – except maybe to derail it.
  6. You do not have to read the whole thread to comment. Some go on for hundreds of comments!
  7. You can comment on old posts. Plenty of people will see your comment.
  8. To find a topic use the Search box on the right. If I have not covered it, you can suggest it or talk about it on the Open Thread (see the link at the top of the page).
  9. Grammar and spelling are not a big deal so long as you write understandable English.
  10. Try not to use your real name or real picture. Some do, but just so you know I have had one case of stalking and several where people asked me to delete all their comments. Likewise, do not feel you have to say anything about your true identity. There is no good reason anyone needs to know it.
  11. Please do not assume that the feelings of white people are the centre of the universe.

Avatar: For a custom avatar set it at https://en.gravatar.com/ . It might take a few hours to show up. All comments past and present for a given email address will have the same avatar.

Blockquotes: Type <blockquote>blah blah.</blockquote> to get:

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Broken Record Department: This has the posts on the arguments we have heard and argued a zillion times, like “Africans sold their own into slavery”. Most broken records are meant to derail, not enlighten. If you truly want to argue them, the posts await.

Boldface: Type <strong>blah blah.</strong> to get: blah blah.

Comment policy: how and why commments are deleted or moderated. I stop certain behaviours, not ideas.

Italics: Type <em>blah blah.</em> to get: blah blah.

Links: Type the URL without any punctuation touching it. It is best to put it on its own line:


Open Thread: Where you can comment off-topic on anything you like.

Video: If you put the YouTube URL on its own line it will embed the video. On the Open Thread or threads of more than 300 comments put the URL in parentheses to turn off embedding.



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